Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Helen!

Your party is 20-odd points behind in the polls.
Your opponent John Key is streets ahead as preferred prime minister.
Your government is old, tired and unpopular, and running out of ideas.
The papers are speculating about your future.
There is talk of dissention in the ranks.
It's not just the views of nasty right-wing bloggers like me.
Your main opponent has been forced to issue a denial, saying you are such a wonderful prime minister, the best ever.
Your party-aligned blog is promoting an inexperienced rival as a possible successor.
The economy is tanking. Property values are set to collapse.
Your interest rates are among the highest in the developed world.
Food and fuel prices are rising and incomes are constrained.
Your government has been riddled with incompetence , with cock-ups in health, education, the police, corrections, to name just a few.
Your government is corrupt and rorting electoral processes. People can see through you, they see how you are muzzling the opposition as best you can. They see how you reward baubles to your friends and sugar daddies.
What more can I say?
But Happy Birthday Dear Leader!
58 not out! well not for long !


Spam said...

What? Dear Leader's birthday and its not a public holiday?

Simeon said...

www.nzdebate.blogspot.com is running a poll on the question "How long will she last??

Go to NZ Debate to vote in the poll!!


Apparantly Birthday Girl had a big lunch on in Wellington and later flew down to Christchurch.

Clunking Fist said...

When it comes to the news that it's Klarkula's birthday, I am reminded of that line from Denis Farrina's character, Cousin Avi, in the movie "Snatch":
"Yeah? Well who the fuck cares?"

So excuse me if I don't wish her Happy Birthday. Did my taxes help pay for her "lunch on"?