Monday, February 25, 2008

Haemorrhoides Terminalus

Tracy Watkins described the last week for Helen Clark as:-

PM's hebdomas horrenda

Tracy didn't get it quite right. This pain in the arse Prime Minister finally has reached the end of everyone else's tether. She has become:-

Madame Haemorrhoides Terminalus


It must be only a matter of time before the weak kneed support parties break ranks and bring to an end this disgracefully corrupt and inept administration.

Will the next opinion poll be the tipping point?


Oswald Bastable said...

Actually, I want to see herr stay until the bitter end.

I want to watch herr concede defeat personally- not slither off under a rock just before the arse-kicking is delivered.

Ackers said...

The tipping point for what Adolf?

It's been clear to anyone capable of reading an opinion poll this Government is history.

Go out and smell some roses while you wait until November otherwise you are going to be more unhappy than need be.

dad4justice said...

Look out for the Klarkula spider to devour many before it is exterminated .

Lindsay said...

Had to laugh at Clark on the news tonight trying to argue that it's Labour's falling poll rating that is hurting her rating in the preferred PM polling. She's in dreamland because she is a good part of the problem. Though typical Helen never takes the blame for anything.

I don't see Goff wanting the leaders job at the moment. Not unless he's totally mad.

Sean said...

The tipping point for what Adolf?

...for the support parties to abandon govt, as I read it. ie. United and NZF. As you say, according to the poll, this govt is history, so it would make sense for United and NZF to abandon ship and try and disassociate themselves from the govt in order to save themselves at the election. Unlikely, as it would damage their credibility, but plausible in a desperate situation!

Clunking Fist said...

Sean: it's funny, but even the Greens seem to be on Liarbore's case! LOL.