Friday, February 29, 2008

Ha! Ha!

Another case of the left being hoisted by their own petard.
The EPMU has been silenced by the very same Electoral Finance Act it supported.
Now it must wait two months to see what campaigning the 'division' of the Liarbour party is allowed.
One might have thought that future Liarbour Leader Andrew Little (pictured above) might have realised that licking Dear Leaders bum over the issue might leave a nasty taste in his mouth.
While David Farrar supports free speech, it is great to see him using Liarbour law against the left to highlight the folly of their actions.

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Sean said...

Nice reference to Nelson FFM, very apt. Not sure your colleague Adolf would like this though. He is a bit of an Andrew Little fan.

Kiwiblog comment

Apparently Little has demonstrated an ability to see the other fella's point of view, and he also abides to the law of common sense. Well I don't think Adolf has been involved in collective bargaining (ie. negotiations between employers and unions). From what I have seen of Little's limelight hogging in the media, he only sees the point of view of those he represents. He knows very little of business and the workings of the economy. He is no better than a lawyer representing a client. Some might say Little sticking up for his crew is to be expected - well okay, but how does this make him a potential decent future Labour PM? He would be disastrous for our economy. The flight to Australia today would pale in comparison!