Sunday, February 24, 2008

The great global gay mafia

With the scuttlebutt about Barack Obama indulging in gay sex and cocaine in an 'upscale' hotel in 1999 while a senator, which I posted yesterday, it got me thinking.
'Is there a great global gay mafia?'
There are many rumours about our leaders batting for the other team.
There's Hillary Clinton for starters.
And, of course, we mustn't forget about our own Dear Leader, featured here on You Tube with 'consort' Judith Tizard apparantly 'coming out' at the 2007 Big Gay Out.
There's also gossip about UK prime minister Gordon Brown , with some allegations that he even had a fling with Tony Blair, which we also mentioned some months back!
I'm not aware of any gay gossip surrounding John Key, John Howard, Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher. And it seems a safe bet Bill Clinton, Don Brash and various presidents of France, including Nick Sarkozy, are all straight.
Of course, much gossip might well be innuendo and smear put about by opponents.
Do we really believe George Bush and Tony Blair were lovers despite their close relationship over the War on Iraq?
However, in the world of gay leaders, the Brits might have got there first with Ted Heath, (pictured here on the left of Margaret Thatcher) who was Britain's unmarried PM in the early 1970s, long before Ministers, both Labour and Tory, came out of the closet.
Heath's death a couple of years back renewed the speculation about his sexuality and whether a country like Britain could have a gay prime minister now. Indeed, could New Zealand?
I like to think that we could and that other than finding it a tasty bit of gossip, it doesn't matter if the country has a gay prime minister, or even if Helen Clark is 'seeing' Judith Tizard , a relationship now rumoured to be over.
What matters more about Dear Leader is that she is a tax and spend socialist dictator doing so many harmful things to New Zealand.
Anyway, if there is a gay mafia, or New Zealand is more tolerant, at least Liarbour's newest MP, maori lesbian Louisa Wall, could go far, assuming that she behaves herself!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"Labour Party president Irish Bill Williams said he was "surprised" at Wall's comments, as it was "absolutely not" party policy to stand aside in electorate contests in favour of the Maori Party. "We're two ticks everywhere," he said."

You bet they are 'two ticks everywhere."

Two ticks on the interest free loan agreements.

Two ticks on the consular jobs for donors.

Two ticks on the policy flip flops for donors.

Two ticks on the secret loans to broke coaliton partner parties.


We'll, yes, the issue for all MPs is how good or bad they are- not who or what they bonk.
Georgina Beyer was a disappointment as was Chris Carter and Tim Barnett from Christchurch.
However, Chris Finlayson of National seems to be doing alright.
How successful Louisa Wall is depends entirely on her own competence.


By the way, I'm surprised after this week, Irish Bill Williams has probably got two ticks, nervous ticks from all the problems he has to deal with, including the lies.

Anonymous said...

my god..!..

you do write some absolute/unmitigated drivel..?

don't you..?

msm journo..?..aren't you..?