Monday, February 25, 2008

Gosh! Another Rat Deserts The Ship

If a few more trade union stooges and ex school teachers leave the political scene there'll be just twelve green bottle left sitting on the wall.

Mark Goshe joins the ranks of those who don't need another nine months to get the message.

Mark Gosche. Photo / Paul Estcourt

Is he / was he a cabinet minister? If so, I can't recall any evidence of him.

Good riddance.


Lindsay said...

He was Minister of Transport.

Poneke said...

He is a devoted husband who quit the cabinet so as to look after his wife when she had a stroke.

Dave Mann said...

Adolf, you have shown that you are a cruel heartless bastard and that post was completely beneath my contempt.

The guy has been beset with tragedy and, given his circumstances, politics is probably the last important thing on his mind right now.

Mark Gosche, if you are reading this, I wish you well. I don't agree with your politics, but that doesn't prevent somebody with an ounce of compassion from recognising that you are a man with a huge load on your shoulders and I hope you find the strength to work through your grief and loss. Go well and do what you need to do to heal.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh for goodness sake, people. Yes poneke and dave mann,I'm well aware of his personal background. Do you think personal matters give people in the public eye a free pass? I don't.

You seem to ignore the timing of his announcement. He would have had some credibility if he had given the game away some months ago but no, he has waited until the polls have gone through the floor.

Dave Mann said...

Adolf, Mark Gosche's personal circumstance didn't give him a "free pass" at all. He was a socialist union organiser long long before his wife had a stroke and his son died ffs...

I would remind you that he is not a criminal, an embezzler or a thief who is using his personal life as an excuse for corrupt behaviour. He is a man who is facing huge grief and an ongoing challenge with his wife and has had to re-align his life's priorities as a result. Not everything is about the bloody polls.

This pain will probably not end for him any time soon and you should pull your head in and have some respect for a fellow human being and let him get on with his life.


The circumstances surrounding Goshe's departure are most tragic.
However, timing is everything.
I fear we have become so used to Liarbour stuffing things up, showing poor management and poor judgement, it becomes hard to believe its individuals in situations where circumstances might be genuine.
Hence, Adolf's unfortunate comments.
Today's announcement is just another example of such misjudgement from Labour as its recent activities have led many of us to assume to worst from the party.

Tane said...

timing is everything.

Yes it is, and his son committed suicide recently.

I'm with Dave Mann - you people are beneath contempt.


Thank you Tane for commenting.
I was not aware of this.
While there is debate over the effectiveness of Mr Goshe while a minister, I fully accept his reasons for going.
I apologise for any unintended offence my comments might have caused.
However, the behaviour of Labour recently does give grounds for scepticism however unjustified in this individual case.

libertyscott said...
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libertyscott said...

I worked with Gosche a little, and found him a good man to deal with, who was modest and worked hard. The tragedies in his life would take their toll on anyone, and I wish him well, although our politics are so different.

I doubt whether he has had much time for politics in the past few years, and has by and large simply served the role of constituency MP.

Russell Brown said...

Just popping in to second the "beneath contempt" call.

Will you be presenting this one to your church, Robert?

Perhaps you should cease blogging for a little while and go and look for your humanity.