Friday, February 29, 2008

The Cunliffe Gambit

Whaleoil has dealt with minister Cunliffe's remarkable decision to sack the board of the Hawkes Bay DHB.

A few minutes ago at 0500, RLW led with the news that four of the five local bodies in the region have voted to challenge the decision in the courts with the fifth council meeting this afternoon to consider the issue.

Mr Cunliffe is not regarded as a complete idiot but in this instance it is difficult to see his decision as anything other than political voluntary euthanasia.

It is even more difficult to avoid concluding Cunliffe is under orders to protect Annette King's arse, or more precisely her husband, from embarrassing revelations of conflict of interest.

Two reasons given for sacking the board were (a) alleged conflict between the board and the CEO and (b) a dysfunctional relationship between the board and the minister himself. Adolf can't help but wonder why the board did not simply sack the CEO and why Cunliffe didn't just wait for a couple of short months for the voters to sack the minister.

Update: One wonders when the minister will deal to Waitemata and Capital & Coast?

Simple people must be asking "Why do we have surpluses while people are dying of cancer?"

Major Development: Annette King and her mates have obtained a court order preventing the DomPost from publishing details of the inquiry into her husband's shenanigans.

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Anonymous said...

Just one more example of "open and transparent".....