Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Come on Winston. Get off your arse!

The embarassment deepens for Dear Leader as Liarbour's top donor Owen Glenn reasserts his claims that he has been offered the post of Honorary Consul to Monaco.
And apparantly, it is upto Captain Baubles, Winston Peters, as Foreign Minister, to sort out this particular bauble, leading Glenn use such lovely language against Peters in today's Herald.
The claim follows Glenn saying he was offered the post of Transport Minister, which does beg the question 'what government roles is Liarbour offering for sale to plug holes in party funding'?
Shouldn't they be happy enough with rorting the taxpaper for a further $800,000, like they did in 2005?
Of course, as Cactus Kate reported at the weekend, Owen Glenn is not averse to using tax shelters or women. What a fine supporter of the Socialist Sisterhood he is!
Now, after throwing money at Liarbour, it seems Glenn is happy to dish the dirt on Liarbour now they look set to lose Election 2008, even calling on it to abandon its anti-nuclear policies.
Anyway, Owenn Glenn is sticking to his guns that he has been offered the role, even though Dear Leader claims to have forgotten. Just like she claimed to have forgotten the name of her wealthy 'rich prick' backer as Dave at Big News also notes.
Certainly with their many inconsistencies and lies, with Liarbour President Mike Williams suggesting the party has received other interest free loans, the Sisterhood seems embroiled in financial scandal as great as that faced by UK Labour and its 'loans for peerages' scandal.
Of course, Dear Leader could be totally lily white and innocent as John Armstrong writes in the NZ Herald this morning. Is he taking the piss or has he been smelling her panties?
Of course, Armstrong is similarly 'so smart' and such a thought is 'inconceivable!'
Perhaps , instead of whitewashing Dear Leader, the media should be pressing her on these questions, as outlined by Whale Oil.

So just how many Interest free loans did the Labour Party receive?
What are the policy concessions behind these "loans"?
Who were they from?
What favours, honours or other baubles were conferred on the loan providers?

UPDATE: No Minister recalls Kiwiblog and Spirit of 76 commenting on Glenn's previously reported business dealings. Investigate Magazine has the full story with links here.

UPDATE2: Dear Leaders shows some powers of recollection, confirming Glenn was offered the Monaco job.

Update 3: Labour should squirm, says Audrey Young of the Herald.

Update 4: Tonight Investigate republishes Owen Glenn's Shady Friends from 2006.


John Tertullian said...

It is deliciously ironic that Baubles Winston--who has spent a good deal of hot air over the years excoriating "big business" as the true enemy of all that is decent, and who has made vicious personal attacks on business people--has now apparently been instructed by the Prime Minister to hurry up and appoint Owen Glenn as honorary counsel to Monaco. Glenn--the tax avoiding, monied, big business manipulater--the personal incarnation of all that Winston supposedly hates. But then again, seeing life through the prism of baubles can change one's view.

mawm said...

I'd rather have the EB's interfering in NZ politics than an expat crook seeking legitimacy by having this liabour government providing him with a gong and representative status.

And as for liabor - they would sell their soul just to hang onto the public purse. Amoral is the word that comes to mind

Inventory2 said...

Then of course, there is the infamous Owen Glenn Clausein the Electoral Finance Act - ponder this:


Dave said...

Perhaps the converstation went like this:

“Look,Helen, I`ll lend you some money if you progress that FTA deal with CHina

“Sure, we’ll give you something to do in Monaco, OK? BTW whats your name again…

Mrs Makepeace said...

Indeed deliciously ironic.

- rich pricks
- hidden agendas
- explosive revelations about a range of possible breaches of election finance laws and parliamentary spending rules that [ ... ] has kept quiet while it has attacked other parties on these issue
- deceptive and unethical activities
- cash for honours
- ...

Speaking of which, where is that dear sweet young Master Hager?

Goodness, his journalistic fervour and trenchant insights into corruption at the highest level would find ample grace and favour with the public right now...