Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clark's Latest Blunder - Her Husband

In a remarkable act of desperation, Helen Clark has opened up her husband to the blow torch of intense scrutiny by media and bloggers.

Rumours of Davis's alleged homosexuality abound but hitherto have been off limits due to his non-involvement in front line politicking. He got away with his foolish letter to The Herald on the day of the Auckland EFB march but his attack today on the media, and in particular The Herald, render him fair game. You can see the first hint in the papers description of them as our 'first couple.' How American!

Peter Davis weighs in on the Owen Glenn fiasco:-

"Earlier, her husband, Peter Davis, wrote a letter to the editor over coverage of the Owen Glenn loan to Labour.

"The Herald has had great fun at the expense of a wealthy donor and a political party," he says."

Expect serious questions to be raised about Peter Davis' activities at Los Angeles airport.

The irony of it all is that the PM who, more than anyone else has accused others of Americanising NZ politics, during her administration has brought about the politicization of the Public Service and the dirt digging mud slinging US presidential style of election campaign. Mallard and Williams have been her surrogates.

Labour has dropped their neutron bomb, on themselves.


Rick said...

Run those sums for me again, Adolf?

The man expresses an opinion on the media, ergo his gender and sexual exploits are now fair game for public exposure....?

Did I forget to carry the one? I don't see how that adds up.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Rick you are using primer two arithmetic when you need algebra. The man has entered the political arena and has rendered himself fair game. He did not just express an opinion on the media. He, like Bill Clinton, is campaigning on behalf of his spouse. You seem to have forgotten his clumsy effort to detract from the Auckland EFB march.

You can find some very good maths courses on the internet, if you know how to use a keyboard.

Psycho Milt said...

I guess I have to repeat my earlier view on this: if such bullshit supposedly applies to Davis, then now suppose Key's wife also makes a political statement at some point. Do I then get to "ask serious questions" about whether it's true she does it with dogs?

For the sociopaths out there, the answer is "No, I don't."

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Unfortunately Milt, whether you agree with it or not, that's the way it is. If Clark or Key want their families to be sheltered from the unpleasant hurly-burly and scrutiny of an election campaign's mud slinging, they should make sure their family members keep their mouths well and truly closed.

Clark is particularly vulnerable because she undertook that nauseous interview with her husband on the Holmes show last time round. You remember the one? Designed to demonstrate that they are a 'normal' couple. I'm afraid by entering the fray, Peter David has opened himself and his wife up to some rough handling if it tuns out the many rumours about his have even a shred of substance.

Inventory2 said...

Rick & Milt - I don't believe that Davis should be under scrutiny for his sexuality, but he has CHOSEN to join the public debate on more than one issue, and accordingly, Clark can't squeal like a stuck pig if his name is mentioned - provided it is in context. My thoughts are here:

As for the "First Couple" moniker - pass me a bucket!!!

mawm said...

Clark did not hold back with Brash and his alleged affair. She unholy cow sat there smirking. She brought in the personal attacks - now it is pay-back time, big time.

If Clark is a lesbian and Peter is a raving homo - that's OK, BUT to lie about it to the many niaive, deeply christian supporters who would find it extremely offensive - just so that she can get their votes - is amoral.

She'll be getting her just desserts. And Rick - you're an idiot.


I can see Rick's point.
But by entering himself into the political fray, Peter Davis has opened himself to attack.
Attack we see him getting on this blog fopr starters.
One might think he would realise this, that his comments would come under fire, that he would see himself as fair game.
This happened following his comments on the Electoral Finance Bill, so obviously he did not listen, unless he values supporting his mussus above his own privacy.
What strikes me today is rather than seeing the country's First Couple united in their opposition to the NZ herald, we rather see a failing prime minister hanging behind the coat tails of her husband.
It seems to weaken Dear Leader's position, rather than strengthen it.
I don't recall Denis Thatcher ever writing to the Guardian in Britain to say the paper had been beastly to his beloved.

Anonymous said...

Naah, Fairfacts, Atilla the Hen would have really whacked him if he had!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Maybe the Bilious Bitch is shoving her delicate little petal out into then public eye in the hope that someone really will knock him over and she will gain a huge sympathy vote.

When it happens, people should just remember Don Brash and his family.

KG said...

If he stays in the background then his background is his own business.
The moment he enters the fray on behalf of the PM, then his background becomes the voter's business.


I bet Rod Emmerson iof the NZ Herald must fear for his life now.
I have always enjoyed his drawings of dear Leader.

Now, as for Peter Davis, the latest i heard was that the LAX incident may well have happened at toilets in Santa Barbara or Santa Monica.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

FFM, the cowardly cow wouldn't attack someone who could sue.

dad4justice said...

I do wonder what High Court judge traveled with two detectives to sweep the toilet incident in the USA under the carpet. Not to mention the Hagley Park incident. A disturbing pattern and rather unusual behaviour for a "happily married couple for 23 years"

Anonymous said...

I'm sure d4j is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of Hagley park.