Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You have a million migrants poised to invade. What do you do?

Way back in 1990, the BBC produced a tele-movie called 'The March.'
Starring respected, but lefty British actress, Julie Stevenson, the film was set in the near future when global warming had caused all kinds of environmental problems.
A group of Africans then marched northwards towards Europe and eventually crossed the Straights of Gibraltar and landed in Spain.
I cannot recall exactly how it ended, but I think many of the invaders were shot by European Union troops until the forces realised that maybe they were being barbaric shooting such refugees.
Here we are, some 18 years later. Global Warming has not caused the devastation that was feared, well not yet anyway.
HOWEVER, the Observer amid other papers report that a million Africans are poised to sail across the Mediterranean into Western Europe, with many hoping to make their way into Britain.
Already, there have been numerous cases of shiploads of refugees arriving in the Spanish-owned Canary Isles, which are sited off the west coast of North Africa, and half of the Maltese defence budget goes on trying to keep refugees at bay.
So what do you do if an armada of refugees is heading towards your coast. Your country is already crowded enough and your welfare services are already struggling coping with the immigrants already there.
Do you tell your troops to pull the trigger?
Slaughtering such newcomers would certainly put off people from future invasions. Letting them in would simply encourage more. Wouldn't it be better to force or encourage African countries to adopt the economic policies which Gooner posted the other day that would encourage prosperity and encourage Africans to stay at home.
Of course, imagine a future scenario closer to home.
You are the Prime Minister of Australia and hordes of Indonesians are heading your way. What do you do?
You are the President of Aoteroa-New Zealand. Perth has long been 'a ghost city'. Sydney cannot cope with ten million citizens and many Australians are heading our way, fleeing a drying and dying continent.
Do we open fire?
There again, Australia is a rich and well-armed country. Regardless of it's climate , it will always have much mineral wealth. A New Zealand of 5 or 6 million just wouldn't be able to cope with an invasion from an Australia of 30-40 million citizens.
Would we be able to defend New Zealand , or would we just have to open our doors and become part of a Greater Australasia?


KG said...

"Do we open fire?"
With what?

Anonymous said...

"crossed the Straights of Gibraltar" - so they ignored the gays then?
Try "Strait of Gibraltar" and then read "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and White.
It won't cure your hysterical fears about immigrants/Islam but it might improve your somewhat jejune prose style.



I guess they made the gays happy :)

Anonymous said...

You hope that Iraq is independant and self governing without the need for any support from the US. Then you ask the US to go on a tiki tour through Africa killing dictators.

Seán said...

Oh dear FFM, I have to say it - you need to get out of the house and go an be with some people. Pop down to the village local and enjoy a pint, even if it is $10-12. Its just starting to get a little loopy now ...;-)

KG said...

The U.S. touring Africa and killing dictators sounds a damn sight more productive and effective than all the "aid for Africa" programs.

Anonymous said...

kg Agree The problem with Africa was it was never ready for self government and events have sadly proved that Tribal based countries need a strong uniting government otherwise you get the chaos that is Zimbabwe etc etc.
Alas the so called liberals wouldnt listen and the blood of millions is on their hands


flashgordonnz said...

I wouldn't worry: with growth rates higher than ours, we'll all be off to China for a better life...

Anonymous said...

I think you have it the wrong way round. Given that the Aussies are crossing the ditch in droves , perhaps they would be willing to join the greater republic of NZ. I'm thinking Sydney would become an extension of West Auckland.