Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why New Zealand's Nana's are Grumpy

Bernard Hickey at Stuff raises the familair issue of the exodus over the Tasman.
But this time, looks at the human cost to families.
No doubt we know the economic and political reasons, not to mention the weather, which this blog has covered many times before.
But how many of us already have family on both sides of the Tasman?
As for me, we're on each side of the world!
Hat Tip: Kiwiblog


Barnsley Bill said...

This is a great story. Allow me if you will to add the Barnsley twist to this national tragedy.
When Lady Barnsley and I decided to stop being gerbils on the cullen tax spinning wheel of lost fortune it was decided that we should move somewhere warm and pleasant. My first pick was Noosa, fairly obvious pick really.;
Only an hour from an international airport.
Benign warm climate.
Below the crocodile line.
Beyond clarkulas reach.
First world health infrastructure to treat the gout I was determined to get.

This provisional decision was all good until we consulted the in-laws. At which time Lady Barnsleys mum announced she was unable to ever fly again due to an irrational fear of flying.
So the upshot is we live in kerikeri until aforementioned mother of lady Barnsley hardens up or is no more.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You do mean 'hardens up, one way or the other?'

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

BB, fifty years ago when I was eleven years old and making up the numbers for th Kawakawa cricket team in its futile bid to defeat Kerikeri, the latter town or lcal was know as 'Kerikeri, where the nuts go to.'

Barnsley Bill said...

Yes to the first comment, and it is still true today to the second.

KG said...

Memo to BB: NEVER consult the in-laws before deciding either on a move or a destination. You can't please 'em all so it's better to piss them off at random and please yourself.

Clunking Fist said...

That psycho bloke seems quiet on this topic. Is it because lefties do not understand economics?


Never mind BB, Kerikeri is a lovely town as is the entire Bay of Islands.
You might find Noosa getting too big. But thats a good place too.

Captain Crab said...

"Cullen Tax spinning wheel of lost fortune"! Heh, lovely stuff.
BB, two words-cruise ship. Except perhaps the Pacific Star .... There seems to be many a different sort of rough ride to be had on that one.

The Apostrophe Police said...

Somebody hang that man for crimes against apostrophes.

It's "NANAS", not "nana's"!

Psycho Milt said...

That psycho bloke seems quiet on this topic.

Meaning me? Can't comment on every post, sorry. Indeed I have little understanding of economics - the difference between us, no doubt, is that I don't flatter myself.


I have been watching more of that BBC programme 'Wanted Down Under' which takes Uk familes to NZ or Oz for a week to sample whats on offer.
Naturally, it is family and friends that becomes a crux issue for many.
Today a revised series started where they caught up with various families a year or so later, seeing how they have settled.
The families love life in Oz or wherever, but they still miss their family and friends and this would be the reason if they ever went back.
I have found it easy to make friends down in NZ and Oz. Only family, my parents, would ever drag me back to Britian.
There again, there is what is sometimes known as the $2000 for the homesick POMs- heading back to the UK for a holiday. At Christmas the cure costs over $3000 but is perhaps more effective.
There are few things more depressing than Britain in January. I would love to see snow, but endless dull weather, fog and rain makes one very gloomy.
When I return in mid-Feb after 2 months, I will certainly be enthused to make a better go of things in NZ. The past few weeks have certainly put me of returning to Britain.


$2000 cure