Friday, January 18, 2008

When the MSM stopped being the gatekeeper

Top UK blogger Guido Fawkes today recalls how the Drudge blog revealed all about Bill and Monica ten years ago this week- a story the MSM just sat upon.

Over the years the media has lost its 'gatekeeper' role as the bloggers help ensure stories are covered, even if the mainstream would prefer things to be hidden.

In New Zealand, there have also been cases of journos sitting on stories, like Doonegate, though thanks to the old Sir Humphreys site, how Helen lied to cause Police Commissioner Peter Doone's downfall, eventually made it into some of the papers and magazines.

And looking at last year, it seems that David Farrar especially, plus Whale Oil, can take great credit in exposing the Electoral Finance Bill for the dictatorial suppression of free speech that it is.

Had Kiwiblog not started its investigations, would we have seen the great campaign from the NZ Herald and others, I somehow doubt it.

Now some journos may sit on stories because it does not suit them ideoligally to expose them, for other's the media does not have sufficient resources to do the necessary work.

Either way, bloggers like David Farrar, Whale Oil and others are here to expose things the powers that be would prefer hidden.

No Minister is also keen to hear of similar happenings to cause as much discomfort as we can to Helengrad.

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Anonymous said...

Fairfacts, as someone who may or may not work in the media, do you agree with the proposition as expressed in many places e.g. Outfoxed, that editorial policy is influenced by potential withdrawel of major advertisors?