Thursday, January 17, 2008

When campaigns backfire

Sometimes there is nothing like a campaign that backfires.
Many seem to concern the environment, but there we go.
Recently, the polar bear has become a poster boy, or should that be poster bear, over the issue of global warming.
Yet, melting ice caps aside, polar bear numbers are said to be rising.
Then, we have the issue of that polar bear in Berlin Zoo.
The babies had to be saved otherwise mother polar bear would have eaten them.
Thus, what vicious cannibalistic brutes polar bears are.
Not the sweet and cuddly creatures we might think.
Surely the environmental movement can find a a better symbol?

Last week, tv chef Jamie Oliver railed against battery egg farming and intensively-reared chickens as it is cruel. But guess what happened?
Chicken sales actually rose following his tv programme.
And today the papers reported battery produced eggs being used in his restaurant so a staffer faces the sack for buying them.

And this on top of those eco-friendly light bulbs that are bad for you.
Biofuels using as much or more carbon dioxide in their production as conventional diesel.
And growing biofuels leading to loss of habitat as well as raising food prices and worsening starvation.

Likewise in the supermarket today, I saw a point to buying British mushrooms, rather than some grown in Poland. I noticed Tesco had strawberries from Morocco and beans from Kenya.
Well, you might bleat about 'food miles' but how else can African peasants make a living?
It is surely better to buy their produce than let people starve.
Just as tomatoes grown in the Spanish Sun are better for the environment than tomatoes grown in a UK greenhouse.

Anyway, I'll leave you with this thought, raised in one paper today.
We all know how evil cows are for producing greenhouse gases like methane.
Well, what about vegetarians?, after all, they are on the same diet!!!

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Annie Fox! said...

Having lived with vegetarians over the years I can with great authority say that yes, they do have incredibly gassy farts.

The reason for veggie farts is primarily the amount of soya products they eat - horrible stuff and not even good for you I'd like to add.