Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Unrepentant gang rapist? No danger to the community, surely?

Can any of our readers with a legal background offer an opinion on how it is the Parole Board can get away with declaring Peter Macnamara's release consistent with the safety of the community? This is a gang rapist who's not only never expressed remorse, he's steadfastly refused to accept that he did anything wrong - but apparently we're supposed to accept that despite that, the community's safe with him at large in it. I find that very difficult to accept. Presumably the nation's women aren't exactly chuffed with the message the Parole Board's sending either.

No-one seems to have asked yet, but why not - if this guy was a tattooed proletarian gang rapist with a remorse problem, how likely is it the Parole Board would see him not endangering the community? Helps to be white and rich, obviously.


Anonymous said...

Ha, hes the least of the problems the Parole Board let loose into our community all the time.
The crime was abhorent and he deserved punishment but perhaps since it occurred a long time ago, and he has a stable family life now they feel he is rehabilitated and unlikely to re-offend? Its not as if he is prowling around houses looking through windows or progressing from "flashing" to touching to.....
Isnt the point of prison punishment then rehab?
I think the woman of NZ can count on the fact that despite his wealth, he was caught, she was believed and he was punished.

Anonymous said...

Phyco Milt
our writings on sexual predators is a little rich after supporting the likes of Robinsod over at the standard (calling people pig fuckers and that he screws their mums). Maybe I read that wrong and if I did I apologize, but I really thought you were above that sort of shit

Anonymous said...

Sorry Milt, I know nothing about Parole or the Parole legislation.

The simple solution is no parole.


Anonymous said...

I do agree though that this guy was found guilty and sent to prison for 7 years (7 too short in my opinion) but he should serve all seven. Like all sentenced prisoners.

Psycho Milt said...

Bok - I'm happy to support Robinsod if I agree with him. I expect people to respect others wishing to remain anonymous, for fairly obvious reasons. Those fishing for identities can expect nothing whatsoever from me in the way of courtesy.

Captain Crab - I agree he's at the lower end of the scale of Parole Board dodginess, but I would have thought it's pretty unusual for someone convicted of a serious violent crime, who's refused to accept any responsibility for his actions, should be considered safe to let into the community. Indeed, the point of prison is meant to be the rehab - but this guy appears to be utterly unrehabilitated. He still thinks he did nothing wrong.

dad4justice said...

Of course psycho mitty would agree with robinsod. Just like roger gnome and hinamanu who attack people’s mothers and wives. You see lefty keyboard cowards excel on blogosphere, because if they tried speaking to people like they do face to face then they would be in a spot of bother more times than not. You may all think I am insane, so be it, but I have never been guilty of using the foul language from such a bitter net girl like the pathetic psycho. The fact that he used a liarbour party funded propaganda blog to spew his bile “Fuck off, cunt” just proves my point that the lefty scum are only fit for drowning in a standard sewage pond.

No wonder police and political corruption is rampant in this cesspit of a country. I suggest he looks in the mirror to see who is the danger too New Zealand.
No doubts like the pig keystone rapist he will think he has done nothing wrong !!

KG said...

I know nothing about this particular case but I'm very wary indeed of the "refusing to accept responsibility for his actions" line.
If (note I said IF) a person is unjustly convicted and they maintain their innocence, that's often been touted as "refusing" etc. And they've been kept in jail longer as a result.
So they're in a Catch22 situation--admit guilt in order to get out early and be forever branded a criminal, or keep fighting and stay locked up.
Again, I'm not suggesting that's the case here, but it has happened.

Anonymous said...

"Helps to be white and rich, obviously"

Yeah I guess that explains why William Bell, Taffy Hotene & Graham Burton were released on parole too, aye.

Psycho Milt said...

You see lefty keyboard cowards excel on blogosphere, because if they tried speaking to people like they do face to face then they would be in a spot of bother...

I have the horrible suspicion that you do in fact speak to people face to face the way you write in the blogosphere, Dad. In your case, it's not a virtue.

The fact that he used a liarbour party funded propaganda blog to spew his bile “Fuck off, cunt” just proves my point that the lefty scum are only fit for drowning in a standard sewage pond.

See, now you're just making yourself look foolish. I've said on the Standard several times that "Fuck off, cunt" is the appropriate response to anonymous people fishing for your identity - which is perfectly correct in my view.

As it happens, I've never actually had to give that answer myself, because nobody's gone fishing for my identity. Apart from you, that is - but even then you got a polite response because you weren't trying to do it while maintaining your own anonymity.

Just as you're getting a polite response now, having just called me a coward, bitter, a girl (not sure how this is intended to be insulting), scum etc, and suggesting I should be drowned in a sewage pond. It's not hard, you know.

I presume the above will be ignored as usual, but never say I don't try.

Anonymous said...

The Parole Board is comprised of a bunch of hand wringing retards who dont and wont care about the public safety. Their view of Burtons victims were that they were collateral damage costed into the equation of comfine or release. Until we get the 3rd option terminate with extreme predujice we wont solve the problem


dad4justice said...

The parole board is a sick and sad joke, as prisoners can con limp dick pc psychologists, who don't care about anything than the money gathered while on board the judicial gravy train of bullshit .

Cheers from Mike Moore on the sub standard sewer blog .

Keeping Stock said...

It will be interesting to see the outcome of the legal challenge to McNamara's release on parole. That he pulled a swifty and managed to father a child from his prison cell does not seem to have been taken into account by the Parole Board. I would argue that this is indicative of his "I can do no wrong" attitude - he still willnot express any remorse.

BTW - it may interest readers to see what the sentencing judge said in August 2005:

"These were deeply disgraceful acts. You McNamara also used your position, again one the community entrusted in you. You used the veneer of respectability that the position of head lifeguard gave you to manipulate this young woman. Your conduct was a disgrace…."

Did he expect McNamara to be back on the streets in less than 2 1/2 years when he sentenced him to seven?

dad4justice said...

He is an ex cop so naturally he is part of the exclusive judicial old boys club .She'll be right mate !"We look after our own ." He got many perks while behind bars . It is so corrupt I can't believe it's actually happening everywhere in New Zealand .

Our justice system is one very sick unit .

Anonymous said...

D4J, why don't you fuck off, you cunt. Milt is a blogger mate of mine and I am sick of the bullshit you hand out to him.

Just fuck off and go somewhere else.

Gooner, a right winger.

Anonymous said...

Dad4Justice, stop posting as bok, gd and gooner.

Kind regards

dad4justice said...

Great too see the liarbour wacko's on the cactus juice again . God I 'd hate to be a twisted feminazi vegan bush pig .

Nice comments anonymous coward and thanks for proving my point you frightened demented socialist snake .

PJ Burns