Sunday, January 13, 2008

Woops. Forgot The Headline

This morning's SST carries entertaining and demented commentary from our friend Chris Trotter who cant' figure out one week from the next whether he is for or agin' the EFB. Among other delusions is the notion that the Maori Party would go into coalition with Labour.

Chris Trotter speaking at the Alliance party conference in 2007

The Herald runs a piece by Business Sustainability guru Peter Neilson which is slightly less demented. Neilson writes about 'some recent polls' and then proceeds to base the whole article on their results. Pity he didn't tell us which particular polls, along with their detail. Then he might have had some credibility. I notice he berates the National Party for taking poll figures from decided voters while ignoring the large group of yet 'undecides.'

Fair enough but then he proceeds to base the rest of his argument on those very same 'decided voters.'


dad4justice said...

Pig trotter is correct when he froths;

“The 2008 general election campaign will be the dirtiest in New Zealand's history.”

If only reality, truth and justice could over-come delusions and deceptions firmly entrenched in our political landscape? Possibly when the shit hits the fan, the fallout for the leader of this nation could be immeasurable? She can’t fall from grace, as a serpent is devoid of such a noble trait. Bring it on and you don’t fool anybody Miss Klarkula. The job will be completed this year. End of story.

Psycho Milt said...

Possibly when the shit hits the fan, the fallout for the leader of this nation could be immeasurable?

The list of what's "possible" is extensive D4J, including Clark becoming the first serving PM to fall victim to spontaneous combustion or be struck by a meteorite. Care to make it more specific?

dad4justice said...

Nice leading statement psycho milt. I agree with your “spontaneous combustion” example as things are going to certainly hot up .I am merely stating the possible existent of terrible skeletons that could be hauled out of the dark closet of delusions. Maybe it is time that the public knew about the disinfectant sunlight rays of truth? Maybe someone whose political career is on the line could produce something of interest, who knows???Nice try; Miss Mitty ( hinamanu worked well on kiwiblog ) good work girls. Nice one my enemy deserves respect.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I see Farrar has given this neilson guy a bit of a fisking.