Thursday, January 31, 2008

Round And Round They Go..........

All Labour's social engineering chooks are coming home to roost.

And there's be many more before we get to election time. No wonder they have closed down public discussion on policy.

This latest piece of socialist idiocy has employers trying to teach illiterate employees to read, write and count. This just a day after Clark's announcement that teachers will be required to manage 17 and 18 year old criminals for whom there is insufficient room in jails.

Lewis Caroll wrote their script.

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Good Lord Adolf, I was just about to post on this.
You would think after ten years , the teachers are the last people to educate our kids, if they cannot do it by the time youth turn 16.
So why is Liarbour raising the schooling age to 18?
There again, asking employers to help out, seems inconsistent with this polciy.
But what greater proof is there , that that under Liarbour, education isn't working, and employers have to help out.