Sunday, January 20, 2008

politically correct pizza on the menu for kids

Today, I am serving a few decent portions of the 'Current Bun', aka The Sun newspaper.
Topping today's fare is- politically correct pizza.
Kids at a UK school were told to devise a pizza that would not offend anyone.
Thus, no nuts, pork, etc, etc.
Trust Britian's biggest selling tabloid to come up with a pizza that would offend everyone, including portions of whale meat.
The greenies can blubber over that one.
Of course, what should we have on our own non-PC pizza, at this one of New Zealand's most un-PC blogs.
Well, I'll have lots and lots of spicy pork on mine!
What a topping idea!


Seán said...

Well, I'll have lots and lots of spicy pork on mine!

Offending Judaism FFM? How can you get away with that...;-)

Well lets see what else we can have.
Like the whale bacon, also:
- battery hens
- endangered kiwis
- Kaimanawa horses
- cuddly polar bear cubs not wanted by their mother


I thought I was offending Islamists, Sean.
But i'm glad you got a pizza the action with your fine comments.
I expected more but maybe my puns were like a good pizza, too cheesy!

Seán said...

There is a well known cliche that "sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.". I disagree with this. As FFM has so finely illustrated, it is in fact PUN that is the lowest from of wit!

That was a good one though FFM, it forced a bloody good groan.

Anonymous said...

we are what we f.m..?