Monday, January 21, 2008

Police minister admits her failings

It says it all when the minister in charge of police doesn't feel safe to walk the streets at night.
But that's what British Home Secretary Jacqui Dean admitted in the Sunday Times.
Maybe its because, as the papers also report this weekend,
Violent Youth crime is up by a third in the past three years
Knife crime is up by a similar amount, noted The Sun yesterday
Tony Blair said he would be 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.'
And what a legacy he leaves.
Much crime has actually risen during his term of office.
The British people feel less and less safe in their homes or in the streets.
And the minister in charge of police admits to the same fears.
What a damning indictment on her own government and her own role in it!!
I wonder how New Zealand's own Police Minister Annette King feels.
Does she feel safe walking out at night?
And has any enterprising kiwi journalist though of asking her?


Anonymous said...

Jacqui Dean? Or Jacgui Smith?


smith i think

Seamonkey Madness said...

I take it you are going to be around when the Police take to the streets of London to protest their paltry pay rise? Would like to hear your say on the Met vs the Met (& the rest). 2 of Jan, I believe??

The Govt walked away from the mediated level of pay of 2% (IIRC). They then backtracked on this, down to a level of 1.2% (or 1.6%??), which is lower than the rate of inflation there. Now, of course, the coppers got a bit steamed about this, but what can they do? Some are going down to London to protest this, but obviously you cannot have all of the Bill taking strike action otherwise the crims would run riot. Lose:lose:lose situation for everyone really.

And this is on top of the MPs voting themselves a big hefty pay rise (including generous allowances.)
See any number of UK police blogs for the dirt.
(Heres a bit of a laugh as well: