Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh Lord it's hard to be Liberal!!!

Wimmin are angry at Oprah Winfrey for backing a black MAN when they say they should support a white WOMAN.

There's only one thing for it- and the Republicans have the answer.

Condaleeza Rice!


A Liberal wet dream even if they might say she's in the 'wrong' party.

Go Condi go! Go Condi go! Go Condi Go!


Annie Fox! said...

I think that the Republicans don't think they will win this election no matter who they put forward, so they are saving Condi for the 2012.

KG said...

Hell no!
Rice is just another surrendering State Dept.weasel.

Anonymous said...

Bah. Oprah and trivialities - those poor Americans.

If only the candidates could campaign here, imagine the economic boost that would have on such a small country if they filtered through our advertising agencies!