Thursday, January 17, 2008

No reason for excessive Tribunals

I blogged here about having no need for a specialist tribunal for alleged misscarriages of justice. It seems the Law Commission agrees with me.

I don't have total support though. Professor Bruce Harris, and the Auckland District Law Society want to feather their own nest it seems with no real thought into the 'problems' they are trying to resolve.

I am amazed Professor Harris suggested a Tribunal, which is an easy solution, when in his own words "unlawful judicial action was rare in New Zealand".

Fence at top of cliff is far better than Ambulance at bottom.


Omar Cruz said...

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flashgordonnz said...

Wow, I really need a condo! But in Wellington...

Psycho Milt said...

In your face, more literate blogs! This giant of Costa Rican investment finds our blog "is really good written!"

dad4justice said...

Astounding when you consider lawyers take an oath as officers of the court to help the court find the whole truth.
Then again, it takes a special sort of person to become a lawyer. The person must think themselves superior to everyone they come into contact with, and will use any minuscule element of trust to prove they are.
The courts offer such people almost too much to work with in that oath. Strangely, the closest psychological profile for such a personality is a sociopath. -- I suppose being a lawyer is how a sociopath can "contribute" to society.(Otherwise, they'd be career criminals!)

The saddest fact of our exchange is it is no revelation. Law societies and the Law Commission are devoid of natural justice and true effectiveness .
These facts and opinions are as old as history itself. Thomas Jefferson once proposed - to improve American society - to "First, shoot all the lawyers!"

Clunking Fist said...

3 bedrooms, please, one with ensuite.

Anonymous said...

Thanks D4J.

I am a lawyer, but I ain't the sociopath commenting on this blog on this thread.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that last comment was me.


dad4justice said...

Exceptions to the rule exist in the legal fraternity , however they're as rare as a honest politician.

Lawyers should train in Hollywood as justice is a rehearsed stage show called Ass Law .

Must go depositions this morning and I will be self represented as per usual .

Anonymous said...

We should disband all Tribunals and start again They are giant gravy trains. There must be a real reason for each and eachg must have a sunset clause to ensure they are examined to see if past their used by date