Friday, January 18, 2008

Nanny never loses the bottle when it comes to interfering

As if they don't have enough to do, poking their noses into people's lives and UK businesses, Britain's government ministers have another wheeze.
Forbidding the supermarkets from selling cheap alcohol.
I accept that alcohol is behind many crimes.
But shouldn't the police and government focus on tackling the individual criminal rather than punishing the whole of society?
Why should myself or my parents for example, be prevented from buying half price wine because its on special at Tesco this week, because of some evil and idiotic teenagers?
But this is what socialism is all about. Control, control, control. Nanny knows best.
I doubt such a move will work anyway. The bad guys will still find their booze.
Higher prices is not deterring smokers too much.
But at least it will make the politicians feel good, believing that they have done 'something.'

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Seán said...

Hmmm, point taken but it's not so bad an idea. Sure, it won't solve the problem - and I don't think anyway is saying that - but it could have an impact on teen binge drinking.

Wine should be exempt because it is not really a drink of choice for teenagers. But certainly beer, RTD's and spirits. They should definitely get rid of those cheap and nasty brands of spirits that specifically target the young. I won't miss those!