Monday, January 21, 2008

Muslims are so generous!!!!

I bet you never thought I would say a kind word about the followers of the paedofile prophet- pigs be upon him.
But they have made such a generous offer to Britain, it's government would be foolish to refuse.
They have "offered" sharia law to Britain- a story that was the most read story on the Sunday Telegraph website today.
Still, they have some innovative policies for tacking crime, which our scared Home Secretary might find worthy of support.


Anonymous said...

Why not take a leaf out of their own book: allow certain aspects of Sharia law to be recognized, if Muslims in Britain accept a sort of "reverse dhimmitude" - restrictions on ownership of land, or a symbolic poll tax. I'd like to hear Dr. Hasan argue against that.

Psycho Milt said...

Actually, the Sheikh's got 'em fucked:

Dr Hasan (...) argues that British law would benefit from integrating aspects of Islamic personal law into the civil system, so that divorces could be rubber-stamped in the same way, for example, that Jewish couples who go to the Beth Din court have their divorce recognised in secular courts. (my emphasis)

Sauce, goose, gander etc. Or should Brown stand up against this creeping encroachment of Jewish law in the UK, Fairfacts?

Seán said...

Yes PM, he most certainly has. Surely for the govt the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick-insect got stuck on a stickty bun.

Moving on from Lord Blackadder, this quote puts the sharia law in UK into perspective: "To many in the West, talk of sharia law conjures up images of the floggings, stonings, amputations and beheadings carried out in hardline Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. However, the form practised in Britain is more mundane, focusing mainly on marriage, divorce and financial disputes."

Suprised Judiasm and Islam allowed/presided over divorces actually. Learnt something today. I can't see a lot of harm in their request though the more you open it up, the more likely for some form of fraud. Also, you don't want every group of the community wanting special exemptions etc.

It is however frustrating that he is asking for this - he seems to know a bit about Saudi Arabia - I wonder if the supports the ban on Bibles in Saudia Arabia as well. Tolerance must go both ways.

Seán said...

This is interesting: Ibrahim Mogra, chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain's inter-faith committee says:
"It may mean that a woman married under Islamic law has no legal rights, but the husband is required to pay for everything in marriage and in the case of a divorce all the woman's belongings are hers to keep."

Well considering the man has paid for everything it is arguable (from a selfish man) that everything they own is his. Good luck girl, should have read the fine print!!