Sunday, January 27, 2008

Labour Laid Bare

Bill Ralston accurately sums up Labour's mediocrity and incompetence in this morning's Herald on Sunday.

This is the first time I have seen such a concise and biting take down of the self opiniated and destructive Clark regime. Some stand out quotes:-

"Historians will look back in a couple of decades at the decline and fall of the Labour Government and lay much of the blame on Michael Cullen and his dead hand as Minister of Finance."

Then this little beauty.

"With many voters, the suspicion remains that most politicians in the Labour Cabinet would be hard-pressed to read a balance sheet."

But there's more,

"the high rate of employment is because more than a million Kiwis have fled to greener pastures overseas."

And the killer punch, Cullen's flagship 'good deed' is becoming an albatross for Labour as voters approach the election and struggle to understand the term 'negative returns.'

"They would have been hoping for a steadily growing pot of loot. Instead their balances will show their money has contracted nastily. Not a lot of gratitude to be earned there by Labour."

It's enough to make a grumpy old Gnat break out in smiles.



Yes Adolf, Cullen has so stuffed it up big time.
But Gordon Brown did even worse in his ten years as UK Chancellor, before becoming PM.
I noted the column this aftenoon.
But I thought 'this one's for Adolf.'
I knew the piece would make you smile.
Should we ever see Bill Ralston at Prego, we'll just have to buy him a beer.


Ten years of UK Liarbour has seen Gordon Brown leave UK public finances in debt by £40 billion a year, despite a strong economy and growth.
That adjusted fo NZ amounts to $100 bn or about $7bn on a population adjusted basis.

The wasteful public spending and incomeptence they share is uncanny.

George Osborne is the UK Tories' Bill English.

Barnsley Bill said...

you have to hand it to Ralston, he would be a medal contender at the holding a grudge world champs. That aside he is bang on. Cullen looks like being the Jonah for labour this time. it can only have been Clarkes fear of Phil Goof that stopped him replacing cullen at the last reshuffle

Psycho Milt said...

We're to trust Ralston presumably on the basis of his excellent stewardship of TVNZ? Er, given Ralston's proven track record I think I'd rather accept this view of what's going on.


It is curious that Bill Ralston has been seen as a supporter of the Liberal Left, but I recall him on joining the Herald on Sunday as savaging Helen Clark over the destruction of TVNZ.

Anyway, i will say one thing for Cullen, he has a big treasure chest to spend should there be a recession.
This is more than UK Liarbour has done with the incomeptent Gordon Brown leaving the UK Exchequer £40 billion in the red, after his ten years as finance minister.

Finally, I'm glad, Adolf used the headline 'Labour Laid Bare.'

Had he said "Clark laid bare'
Those words Clark, laid and bare don't really go together, do they?
Perish the thought :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think we can clearly see where Cullen will spend the money, what is it? Some 647 new jobs in the public service?
Massive advertising telling NZ how great Labour is?
And there we see in the paper School Principals complaining that 70% (!) of teacher applicants are below standard.
Yeah Cullens a genious. The Left are truly blind.

Seán said...

Following on from PM's link to Hard News, Brown says: "There will be a spending spree, and there will be a lot of effort to portray the spending spree next year as, oh, I don't know, "the last ditch attempt by a tired, directionless government desperately trying to hang on to power", that sort of thing.
But is it?"

Oh the naivety of the man. Or he is either blind or stupid? None of the three I would normally attribute to him, but he goes on a Cullen-loving tirade in this post.

Even the dumbest in the population know an election bribe when they see one (well, not _thee_ dumbest, talkback radio callers normally fall for them), and while all parties are guilty of it, its the blatant ones that really hit the credibility (e.g. Labour's u-turn on tax cuts)

Psycho Milt said...

Captain Crab: when you imagine to yourself Cullen doing some stupid things, and then write "Yeah Cullens a genius," I can practically hear Homer Simpson saying "He he - stoopid Cullen." (NB - this isn't intended to be a flattering comparison)

Sean: it was Keith Ng, not Russell Brown - I doubt RB's quite such a Labour man himself.

That aside, Ng's point is basically the same as FFM's in this thread: "i will say one thing for Cullen, he has a big treasure chest to spend should there be a recession." Yes indeed, he does - no thanks to National, which would have pissed it away. Of course, they get to avoid embarrassment thanks to their not having been in govt the last few years, and at the same time will get to give Labour arseholes about election bribes if this recession does turn up and require that treasure chest to be put to work. John Key's got the luck of the devil really - I expect we'll turn out to be a lot less lucky if he does get to be PM though.

Seán said...

Thanks for the correction Psycho. Don't know why I assumed it was Hard News. I guess it may have been because that is the first on the list on the left. Anyway that explains why I thought it was a bit out of character for Russell.

Back to the point. Of course it's debatable that a recession would be looming had it been National in power. Even if a recession is outside our control, many are saying we could be a lot better prepared for it had Cullen managed the economy better. Is that a "well they would say that wouldn't they" comment? Not necessarily, those making the criticism point to our poor performance in relation to other countries operating in a similar environment.

Clunking Fist said...

"had Cullen managed the economy better"

It's sofunny that Klark rates him as having done just that. Presumably because of the surpluses. She doesn't understand (or care?) that the economy is a bit bigger than just the governments's own books.

Managed well?! Inflation pressures(partially hidden by keeping the dollar high, so that the cheap imports mask the underlying internal inflation) and low growth, low savings, large public sector.

Anonymous said...

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