Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kiwiblog is the best baa none but No Minister

David Farrar the other day tried to widen his appeal with a pic of a gay actor.
But we at No Minister are not into skinny waifs like that.
No, we like our specimens to have plenty of meat on them.
And since we are a New Zealand-based blog, that obviously means sheep.
But as I am in Yorkshire, I thought I would show you a Swaledale Sheep.
Makes a change from a Merino, eh everyone!
Horny little thing eh!
Now , I know it sounds kinky.
But where can I get some rosemary and some mint sauce.
I'm in the mood for hot fun.
And my lips are licking in anticipation.
I need to find some, chop, chop!
You can see why I spent 4 years in Cumbria, where the fells (hills) have 4 million of these lovelies, and why I have spent the past ten years in New Zealand ! :)


Roger Nome said...

Fuck you people are stupid.

dad4justice said...

Hey rogered gnomer, how many sheep hind legs have you put in your stinking gumboots? I bet - 300 hundred odd ? You weirdo sheep f##ker nitwit freak .

Join your mate in the Mason Clinic !!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

RN, you already have a forty year ban from my posts. Today's effort is a pretyy good start for a blanket ban.
Do you have a doctorate in dickheadery?

dad4justice said...

Hey rogered gnomer did you know that nutbar that worked at your University and played slaughterman/butcher on a beautiful young girl ?

No doubt he was a friend of yours!! I know what chain and hook be should be process on ?

Phillip John Mason you are a disgrace to mankind - you twisted creep !!!!!

Psycho Milt said...

It's hate speech is what it is, Adolf. "You people are stupid," indeed! Yorkshiremen have made many fine contributions to Western civilisation, not least good ole Cap'n James Cook. Only a shameful bigot would call them stupid.

dad4justice said...

Talking about a good breed from Yorkshire ; Geoffrey Boycott OBE (born October 21, 1940) is a former Yorkshire and England cricketer.

This man goes straight to the jugular with his wit and no nonsense attitude .

roger gnome you made me vomit again with your insane frothing !!

Barnsley Bill said...

Boycott, Parkinson, Bird and my family... All good south yorkshire mining stock made good.
Roger Nome does not have as you call it, a Doctorate in Dickheadery Adolf.
He like his daisy chain chums robinsod and tane have a PhD in onanism

dad4justice said...

They don't seem to like you and me over at the standard ponds B Bill. I am amazed Tane hasn't sinned bin me .Oh well banned from kiwiblog for a month, busy elsewhere and those standard freaks are pissing against a hurricane if they can give me one good reason why our Prime Minister and her husband should not be sent on a trip to view the local sheep slaughterhouse. I will be lurking around the sticking pen area on that day :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah Cumbria , the only place in the world where the sheep glow in a gentle luminescence. Bed to match the mint sauce. :)


Good grief! I was only having a bit of fun.
I did not know Roger Nome would be so sensitive.
Now, I was reading in the Daily Express yesterday that tourists thought UK sheep were a little savage.
Indeed, I remeber having some sheep with horns on as a kid and they used to butt you quite severely.
Obviously in New Zealand, the men are men and the sheep are nervous.
But in Yorkshire, the sheep are sheep and the men are nervous! :)

Anyway, thanks PM, BB and co for recalling the fine Yorkshiremen in existance.
BB you will be sad to know that Parky retired from his chat shows just before Christmas.
But he now advertises insurance , I think for the over 50s.

Sean said...

Good grief! I was only having a bit of fun.

Don't worry FFM. I laughed. Clearly Roger couldn't understand the context. Keep it up.

Falafulu Fisi said...

FAIRFACTS MEDIA, I would love to roast those sheeps on a spit roast. The flaps of the cooked beasts would be the best part to eat. Yum.