Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Just in case

David Farrar over at Kiwiblog has posted to say why his blog does not contravene the Electoral Finance Bill.

I will amend the wording slighly to cover the multiple contributors here at No Minister.

Statement under the Electoral Finance Act
It is now 1 January 2008 and much political advocacy for or against a political party and/or candidate [Section 5(1)]is now regulated by the Electoral Finance Act, and treated as an election advertisement unless you qualify for an exemption.
I assert that this website is a blog and published by us contributors on a non-commercial basis, and any views expressed on it by Adolf, PM, Gooner, myself and others, are our personal political views and under paragraph (g) of Section 5(2) of the Electoral Finance Act, is not an election advertisement.
I further assert that this website is a news media Internet site and that all posts on here are written by us, as the editor, solely for the purpose of informing, enlightening or entertaining readers, and hence also is not an election advertisement under paragraph (d) of Section 5(2) of the Electoral Finance Act.

I'll just add one more thing.
And Dear Leader and her thieving, corrupt cronies can just f*** off.
The sooner they are defeated at the ballot box, the better!

Oh and a Happy New Year to everyone too.!!


KG said...

I'm taking a slightly different approach to you and David Farrar--
We at Crusader Rabbit don't give a shit if this blog contravenes any act of parliament which is intended to stifle free political speech and the statist bastards who rammed this deeply undemocratic bill through can kiss our collective asses.
I won't cower and whimper and plead that "please sir, it's not really breaking your law" because I don't give a damn if it is.

Anonymous said...

Right-oh! laddie, you're nicked!

KG said...

Cool, Anon--all have to do now is collect a fatwa and I'll have the full set. :-)