Tuesday, January 29, 2008

John Key's Opening Salvo

Adolf has just read John Key's Ellerslie speech.


I thought it was pretty good.

It was simple and ordinary people could understand it. Short on generalities and long on specifics. A bit like a swinging fast yorker for the first ball of a five day test match. The Labour trolls have been screaming for policy and now they are about to get it - right hard into their rib cages or around their ears.

Labour will have a hard time counter punching, because every time they open their mouths about anything, people only have to think 'Never mind what they say, what have they done?' And in all cases the answer is 'bugger all, except try and buy their electoral survival for another three years.'

Labour's legacy has been to consign NZ to the scrap heap while the gummint focused ALL ITS ENERGY on stealing the next election.

As always, a couple of one liners kinda stand out from the rest. There were three in particular which caught my eye.

First; "........ Helen Clark thinks she can hoodwink Kiwi voters into giving her another three years to answer these questions. "

second; "....Not all Kiwis have a surplus to fall back on Dr Cullen. They paid their surplus in tax. "

and third; "...Rest assured, no one will be playing twilight golf or doing sing-along classes."

You know, the funny thing is, if Labour had used its brains and given genuine tax cuts four years ago and since, then I believe National probably wouldn't have had a show of knocking them off this time round.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

John Armstrong seems to agree, albeit in a much more erudite and comprehensive manner.