Friday, January 18, 2008

Isn't foreign aid wonderful!!

Yes, the UK government is funding terror education in Palestine.
Yet another blow to the declining crebility of bumbling Brown.
Which reminds me. I wonder what the Palestinian Authority spent the $500,000 on that Winston Peters gave them.
Were we ever told? Shouldn't someone make enquiries and find out?
And doesn't it also show how cavalier Labour, wherever you find it in power, is in spending taxpayer's money?
Funny thing is, with oil at $100 a barrel, you would think that the Arabic Middle East would be awash with cash to help their fellow Muslims, rather than rely on the evil infidels to aid them.


Clunking Fist said...

This could be part of my vision. But it's hard to be sure, as my vision has not been revealed to me yet. Give my regards to Helen. (I'd ask you to slip her one for me, but she likes the ladies and I like the laddies.)

Seán said...

Hmmm, the examples given are so extreme they become counter-productive. It almost seems that the source has their own agenda and is trying to push their own barrow. I could be wrong, but it would be interesting to find out who this "TaxPayers’ Alliance" are. A quick look at their website and they appear to be right-wing. Further more, The Daily Express is known also to be right-wing. Nothing wrong with that but for me the claims would have more credibility if coming from a non-political organisation.

The govt minister in response says that they don't give aid to the PA directly. Wise move (in fact I would say there would be very few govts in the world that could be trusted to disperse foreign aid as intended). I assume this means they give aid to charities, hospitals and schools etc. Despite this I guess there will always be some of the aid fall into the wrong hands. But why penalise all for the sake of a few.