Saturday, January 26, 2008

Islamists target Mark Steyn

One of this blog's favourite commentators on world affairs in Canadian Mark Steyn.
Like me, he's no lover of Islamofacism and he can sometimes be seen as a one -track record.
But he argues his case well, with well researched facts and projections.
His "America Alone" book truly highlights the horror to come from Islamic extremism, even just based on population projections of fast-breedings muslims v Westerners who don't procreate.
Anyway, like a canary in a coal mine, Steyn has raised Inconvenient Truths the Islamists don't want us to hear, so in Canada, at least, they are trying to silence him.
A Muslim group has him before a court to try and intimidate Steyn into silence, causing outrage from those who believe in freedom of speech.
The American Spectator says Steyn is not alone and Newsbusters notes how the story has largely been ignored by the MSM, though the Economist also details the background..
Naturally, I too am outraged. One would not think even Canada was as PC as even Britain, where bloggers like Lionheart also face trouble for speaking out.
When will Fairfacts face threats from Islamists in Auckland or their lapdogs in Wellington, I wonder?
Hat tip: The Midnight Sun.


Sean said...

"One of this blog's favourite commentators on world affairs in Canadian Mark Steyn."

and The Economist writes of Steyn:

" his own admission, “a Zionist neocon Bush shill”"

Enough said.

(PS At least are both honest in their leanings, I'll give them that!)

Psycho Milt said...

Steady on, FFM - I'd hate to have anyone imagining Steyn is one of my favourite commentators...

Canada doesn't have freedom of speech. They've had very restrictive "hate speech" bullshit legislation for quite a while now. Up until now I've mainly noticed it being used by Jewish groups against neo-Nazis and holocaust deniers, so there's a certain delicious irony in Steyn's predicament.