Monday, January 14, 2008

How welfare leads to lazy locals and immigration

Be it Ireland or Britain, go into a restaurant, hotel, retail outlet, or come across anyone working in a low paid role, chances are, they will be immigrants.
At the Royal Dublin Best Western hotel I am staying in, the front desk staff seem to be from eastern Europe and the wait staff in the Cafe Royal restaurant were both Thai, possibly a married couple.
Now, the Irish themselves don't always have the easiest of accents to understand, so my parents say it is easier to be understood when they visit Spain than it is in Dublin!
But why are there all these foreign workers?
Much as we might rail against high levels of immigration, truth be told, some or many of your own people are downright lazy.
Here's a story in the Mail on Sunday about how Poles are often harder workers than native Britons. Papers have also reported the same even where graduates are concerned, saying Polish immigrants can make better workers than UK graduates, even if the locals are better qualified.
The same must also be true in Ireland.
As I guess it is in New Zealand.
Look around the restaurants, bars and supermarkets of Auckland and you will see a veritable United Nations of employees, often including backpackers from the more propserous countries like Britain and Ireland.
Meanwhile, many kiwis will be sitting on their arses at home waiting to receive their benefits.
Of course, as indigenous New Zealanders, be they maori or pakeha, they might feel such lowly paid jobs are somehow beneath them.
But what allows them to feel this way?
The fact that they can get sufficient funds to live off the taxpayer.
I have seen the recent reports that in New Zealand about how sickness has grown over the years, leading to comments that Labour or socialism makes you sick.
There have been similar increases in the number of sickness claimants in Britain, leading me to conclude that Liarbour governments are bad for your health the world over. Australia better prepare itself.
But really, what we are seeing in various western countries, is that by making it too easy to let people fester on their arses at taxpayer expense, you then need immigrants to come in and do the jobs that indigenous peoples are too idle to do themselves.
Thus, our own welfare state, which then has the cost of supporting these lazy people, and allowing them to remain idle, leads to another cost.
The cost and problems that high levels of immigrants often bring- a clash of cultures, their numbers driving down wages at entry level; plus demands on health, education, housing and transport. Britain, for example, only has room for so many people.
Therefore, in more ways than we imagine, is the need for government to tackle the welfare burden. It is not just a matter of the financial cost, but the economic and cultural cost too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Fairfacts,

A good construction.
It's made me sad.
I wish I could refute it.
But I can't.

A very good construction..

Seamonkey Madness said...

Hear hear.

Seán said...

You won't get any disagreement from the fruit-picking industry.

I agree with the economic side, but not so agreeable with the cultural aspect. Moreso in this age, with internet and cheap fares you are continuously changing the cultural face of NZ. Look at NZ today compared to just 40 years ago. Anyway I also don't see it as a negative thing, positive actually. Often the clash is the fault of the earlier arriving group, rather than the more recent arrivals, but these things are always very complex.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, many kiwis will be sitting on their arses at home waiting to receive their benefits.

Unemployment is at record lows. How do you explain that?

Moreover, while sickness benefits are up, their number grew faster under National.