Saturday, January 26, 2008

How Britain benefits from the EUSSR!

Now, I have nothing against Polish people, not even Bible-bashing Christian ones, and while not all the 1.3 million Polish visitors will have settled in the UK, it does seem a lot , too many for Britain to cope.

And then we have the Romanian gangs. using children as pickpockets, just like in Oliver Twist.
Now, the BBC reporter on the tv news last night said he could not believe such a thing would happen in 21st century Britain.
But it's the Beeb's beloved EUSSR that is allowing such a thing to happen. The beloved Beeb's EUSSR makes it possible for children to move across a border-free Europe to the UK to beg on London streets for more pay than they would get in Bucharest. But perhaps the prospect of richer pickings in London created the incentives for criminals to kidnap them?

But at least UK police forces are able to import German police dogs , even if officers have to learn to speak German themselves to communicate with their animals.


Chefen said...

Have to disagree here. The free movement is the best thing about the EU. Ideally it should just be free movement and free trade without all that bureaucratic crap so beloved of those political tourists you send from NZ.

The Polish workers are great. They scare the shit out of the local layabouts who refuse to do any "service" jobs that are beneath their stations.

Sure there are imported beggars. Every time I go into Stockholm there is another gang of very out of place looking beggars. Can easily spot them since they sit where no Swedish beggar would sit, look like no Swede or immigrant and all look the same... all 20 of them on the same couple of blocks the same day. No one gives them money so I don't know how profitable it is for the leader who imports them from the edges of the empire.

The unions get pissed off by industries moving east and giving jobs to workers elsewhere. Socialism is fine, so long as it isn't someone else's workers benefiting from paid jobs.

Best of all the new EU countries cause headaches for the French and German lords. No bad thing, worth a few pickpockets. If we can just get rid of the EU parliament then it would be great.

Now, how do we get rid of the Euro-weenies and keep the free movement and free trade?

Seán said...

Britain can't have it's cake and eat it too (or is that it can't eat its cake and have it too??).

Britain can sod off out of the EU to limit immigration but it stands to lose a lot more than it gains. Even the Conservatives know that.


Good to see you back Chefen.
I have no issue with Polish plumbers.
But Britain is quite crowded and mass immigration is causing problems on the housing front.
Liarbour UK has been caught unawares by the extend of the flood of immigrants from the East.
And now there are the Romanian begger kids.
I'll be posting on both later.
Good to see you weren't kidnapped by little dwarves.
If the EU stuck to free trade, then good. Despite some different, we seem to have similar views as to wehat 'Europe' should be. Friendly countries trading freey amongst its members.


There's a good piece in the Sun today about the Romanians flooding into britain, Chefen.
It is the welfare state that is driving them there, not the EUSSR.
They can go and get free education, healthcare and various benefits in 'Anglia', they say.
Thus the welfare state is to blame.
The welfare state is also to blame for many family break-ups as figures show families splitting as they can get more in beneits living apar than when together. Such fraud is estimated at £400 million a year.


Here we go

Seán said...

FFM - here's one for you:

Benefits of immigrant workers

Clunking Fist said...

"Romanians flooding into britain"

My understanding is that they prefer Italy: the language is similar.