Wednesday, January 30, 2008

He's Usually Much Better Than This

Only this morning Adolf posted at Poneke's excellent blog a comment about journalists who also blog and in it extolled the virtues of Colin Espiner's blog. Perhaps I was premature but then again everybody has an off day.

Today I read Colin's piece on John Key's speech and he took issue with the fact that the assembled multitude tucked into a good lunch after the speech. Well, if it was lunch time, what the hell do you expect. To pile absurdity on top of stupidity, the menu became a subject for scorn. Roast pork, tenderloin steak, oysters and five salads. I don't know what the denizens of the press gallery or the inmates of The Press regard as satisfactory tucker but I can tell Mr Espiner that the aforesaid menu is economic, healthy and tasty.

That kinda sums up how Kiwi voters will feel about National and its policies, come November.

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Anonymous said...

He's probably just jealous that he didn't get any free food.