Friday, January 18, 2008

Has the US Government censored major Gold information website?

The incredibly popular and informative Gold website Gold-Eagle no longer exists. Very strange for a site that produced 300 million hits over 10 years and 20 million in the last month alone.

Its latest articles were spot on the money about the US Fed Reserve, the US$ and the implosion that is occurring, and is by no means over (it's just starting).

Gold-Eagle was frequently scathing of the Fed and the monetary policies of the USA, and was an extremely valuable source of information for Gold investors, which the US Government didn't like. It is no accident the US$ is plunging and Gold is at record highs.

Why is it now reduced to this? trust me, this is not the Gold-Eagle website and there were no announcements about changes. Why would they change it so dramatically when it is so popular?

A previously cached article is here.

What now for Gold-Eagle and has the US Government 'censored' one of the most popular denouncers of the US economy?


Whaleoil said...

I'd say from the Whois info that they haven't paid for the renewal of the domain.

It expired on 11-Jan-2008 and hasn't been renewed.

Look like a simple case of not paying bills.

Skyman said...

has the US Government 'censored' .....

Now that's just silly.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have counted it out skyman. They will do ANYTHING to preserve the deck of cards that is crumbling around them.