Thursday, January 24, 2008

Greens want compulsory cooking in schools

It's all about compulsion and control with them isn't it.

Cooking and nutrition is, and should be, taught by parents.

Just like correction by way of smacking should be allowed by parents.

Who took that away again?


danyl said...

Cooking and nutrition is, and should be, taught by parents.

Just like science and maths! How dare the state coerce children into learning their far-left socialist dogma about geometry and organic chemistry? Calculus should be taught the old fashioned way, by Mum and Dad at the dinner table, not some tie-dyed know-nothing communist in a classroom.

Captain Crab said...

Its pretty clear that a lot of parents of today are useless and lazy so the State has to teach their children life skills. That said we had Home Economics at Intermediate School (yes I am old!)complete with classrooms with ovens as well as budgetting in other classes.
IMHO, they were worthwhile

KG said...

Yeah, Danyl, why don't schools teach 'em to shower and tidy their room and manners and all the rest of it?
Just one more step in the State becoming the parent--something any Marxist would approve of.
To deliberately conflate this with learning science is hogwash and you know it. (if you don't know it then you're a typical product of your lefty "teachers")

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, the schools are teaching your children to fornicate, to prevaricate and to hallucinate so it's not much of a stretch to teach them how to burn carbohydrates and protein.

Psycho Milt said...

Amazing the number of people who imagine there's so much slack in the current curriculum that it's no problem to shoehorn some more stuff in. The Education Ministry should be automatically responding to this stuff with "What feature of the existing curriculum is this proposal intended to replace?"

This particular instance is all the more horrifying, raising as it does the spectre of Sue Kedgely having input into what your kids learn about food. Please! They hear enough bullshit at school already.

dad4justice said...

The social engineering utopian freakshow treehuggers should be kept well away from vulnerable children .
Just look at Sue's parenting background .

What about addressing soaring infanticide and child abuse ? Idiot halfwits unable to do anything effective and fulfill a moral obligation too our Nation's children .

They are a wasted space .

Barnsley Bill said...

Pinch yourselves...
i agree that all children should be taught how to cook at school, they should also be taught how to grow vegetables.
Most of their parents grew up in your kiwi education system, and so did their parents.
A circuit breaker is required, now is as good a time as any.
Just so you know my login has not been hijacked i would also like to see compulsory uniforms and corporal punishment reintroduced.

Barnsley Bill said...

I have also posted on this with a little more thought than my earlier post.

ZenTiger said...

Small Arms and Explosives are always left to last.

In Palestine, they come first.

Mind you, they don't talk about "pass rates there, but "death rates".

PM of NZ said...

Soon to be seen in a school cooking class near a certain Mt Eden address...

Round about the cauldron go,
In the poison'd entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one
Swelter'd venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first in the charmed pot.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Apologies to that esteemed author of 'The Scottish Play'.

Anonymous said...

Danyl, science and maths are not topics or subjects that ordinary parents know much about. But they do know, or should know, about cooking and nutrition because they do it, or should do it, every day.

Fairly big difference.


danyl said...

Gooner - you're wrong when it comes to nutrition. It's science, just like Maths or Chemistry. Teaching kids about glucose metabolism or triglycerides or lipoproteins is not something that many parents are qualified to teach their children.

And as for cooking, it'd be GREAT if every parent in the country could cook and teach the skill to their kids - but its also a fantasy. My parents couldn't cook, I never learned how so I spent most of my twenties eating pizza for dinner before I finally bought some cookbooks and pans and figured things out for myself.

If I'd learned how to cook cheap healthy food back in school it would have saved me a lot of money and thousands of sit-ups.

Dave said...

Dont they have PE? Kids can run to the shops as part of cooking clases, or the fat unfit ones can just go to the school tuck shop cos its closer. And what wil they cook? Fried eggs?

Anonymous said...

Danyl - okay point taken about nutrition, but only to the extent that you've mentioned.

Having completed many marathons, triathlons and other endurance events I know enough about glycogen; the burning of kilojoules; their replacement and related topics to teach my kids, but not many would, I accept that.

My point is that if the schools were encouraging, and teaching, the Atkins diet would you be so chuffed?

Along with nutrition and cooking, (which are not the same by the way so your point about pizzas is about cooking, not nutrition), I'd be a lot happier too if parents taught their children about money and finance. They don't even teach you in school how to balance a chequebook or the value of compound interest (the 8th wonder of the world?) And neither should they, but neither should it be compulsory which is what Sue Kedgely desires.

And stop the sit-ups Danyl, they're useless and don't work! It's not about fat, it's about muscle.


Sean said...

I'm pretty sure nutrition is touched on as part of Biology or Science in high school. Maybe it could play a bigger part.

Cooking should be left to that Home Ec thing we did in Intermediate School (like Capt Crab referred to above). What was the special name they called those sewing, cooking, woodwork and metalwork sessions? 'Manual' wasn't it.

But Gooner has a very valid point. I totally agree that finance and money (as opposed to Economics and Accounting) should be taught in high schools, even compulsory at some level (year 10 or 11?). Imagine all the social ills reduced if we were all a lot more smarter with money. Oh dear, might affect the Labour vote though - they can't blame the evil capitalists with their propaganda anymore if most the population suddenly understood how money works and how to grow value.

george said...

I think cooking and nutrition should be taught in schools--and woodwork, metalwork etc. You pick up stuff from home, sure, but there is more you can learn. A lot of kiwi girls can't cook to save themselves and there are a lot of young blokes who would benefit from trade basics. They would be better off learning these useful life skills than absorbing the PC nonsense that is foisted upon them

Falafulu Fisi said...

Danyl said...
Teaching kids about glucose metabolism or triglycerides...

That's rubbish. Leave advance topics like that to where they belong, ie, senior high school Biology classes or University level Biology.

If that is your logic, then why not teach them Quantum Mechanics at intermediate school? The reason is simple. When we're developing as children in transition into adulthood, we do learn complex topics at appropriate level in incremental stages. We don't learn complex stuff like glucose & triglycerides metabolism or Quantum Mechanics in junior high, since the depth of the children's level of understanding is not up to it. But hey, you don't need to teach school children of how to do meat & cabbage boil-ups, do you ?

Falafulu Fisi said...

Danyl said...
My parents couldn't cook, I never learned how so I spent most of my twenties eating pizza for dinner before I finally bought some cookbooks and pans and figured things out for myself.

You gotta be kidding here? Don't they know how to do meat & cabbage boil-ups? You don't need a B.Sc or PhD to learn those everyday life skills.

Why are you advocating teaching life skills that you don't need to learn about in classroom? These skills could be picked up by kids from home (or their community & relatives). I am a strong believer in teaching core subjects to children and not waste resources in teaching them things they could easily learn from the internet, family members & friends etc. If you emphasize teaching science & economics, then all other disciplines could be acquired easily by children without learning about them.

We shouldn't waste money in funding courses such as basket weaving, carpet cleaning, rubbish collection , etc... , since those skills, anyone could acquire them with or without being formally taught.

PS: My family members & relatives (including the Tongan community in Auckland) think I am good at cooking, which is something I never being formally taught. I bought a few cook books and learn how to cook, by following the recipes. Any kid or anyone can read a cookbook (recipes is not complex equations to be unlearnable, but just everyday English language), but not every kid can read a calculus textbook. So, teaching cooking at school is a waste of public money. Teach them core stuff, and when they master them, then they would also pick up cooking skills easily.