Monday, January 7, 2008

Gordon is a moron!!

I almost choked when I saw the half-page ad in today's Sunday Telegraph, or was it the Times?
But there in blazing headlines was 'Gordon is a Moron'- a book about Britian's new bumbling prime minister.
Certainly Mr Bean's halo is looking a little tarnished as he loses his reputation as a prudent or iron chancellor, now that the economic chickens are coming home to roost.
It all went downhill especially after Gordon bottled out of calling an autumn election, and now the Conservatives under Dave Cameron are in the ascendency.
Here's what book authoer Vernon Coleman has to say about the Clunking Fist, as Mr Brown is also known.
‘Gordon Brown’s term as Chancellor will be remembered for poor decisions, prejudice and Soviet quality attempts at social engineering. His stupidity and incompetence have weakened Britain for generations to come. No one has done more damage to the nation for half a century.
If you share my horror at the lowering of quality and standards in public life you will, I suspect, also share my belief that no one exemplifies the lowering more dramatically than Gordon the Moron.
What have we done to deserve public servants such as Brown?
It must have been something pretty terrible.’

It all makes one wonder what a book on our own Dear Leader might be called. I wonder who has the balls to write it?
In the meantime, here's that classic song Gordon is a Moron. I wonder who sings it the most, the opposition Tories or Liarbour UK's own rank and file?

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