Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fun with the church of Britney Spears

When I worked for the Press & Journal in Aberdeen some years ago, we were always warned against phoning people in the Western Isles on a Sunday.
There, a somewhat strict wing of the Presbyterian Church, called the 'Wee Frees' , predominated. The Sabbath was a day solely for the Lord, not for answering heathen things like telephones for pesky journalists.
At least the Wee Frees have moved on from our own Exclusive Bretheren, whom I used to see regularly when I worked in Dargaville and they would be in town wearing their scarves. They would often pop into the office of the Northland Times and ask someone to send a fax for them as they weren't allowed to use such tools of the devil like fax machines.
Anyway, the Wee Frees of Scotland have been told to 'lighten up' and it is a good thing that our own presbyternian blogger, Adolf, is such a jolly fellow. We so obviously do things diferently in New Zealand. And can you expect too much seriousness from its followers after what I also read in one of the weekend papers?Rearrange the word 'presbyterians' and you get 'Britney Spears.'


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, we presbyternians are a jollu lot. A bit like the methbodists.

Anonymous said...

In 1977 we (myself my wife and 3 children) stayed with my Uncle (my fathers brother) and Aunt on Lewis On Sunday my Aunt and cousin spent most of the day at church and all was very quiet around the house and general area.

We stayed again in 2004, my Aunt and Uncle had both died in the interim but my cousin did not attend church on the Sunday we were there.

I think they were `Church Of Scotland' which is probably an off shoot of the Presbyterians and could well be the Frees. No one said much and we did not ask any questions.

In 1977 drink was only offered in the house after my Aunt had gone to bed.

Anonymous said...

Adolf Fiinkensein anagram:

Infidel Snake Info

Phil said...

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