Sunday, January 20, 2008

From Another Planet

Matt McCarten is usually astute in his political analysis but today about all that is on show is his political prejudice.

Only a blind fool could assert that 'everyone knows the next president will be a Democrat.' Neither Hillary nor Obama is particularly elctable, Hillary because of her husband's wayward pecker and her own history of sleaze and corruption and Obama because of his inexperience and major gaffes on foreign policy and matters economic. For my money, Guiliani will be the next President.

Will McCarten present his next column in braille?


Ackers said...

Adolf, you've got to living on another planet if you still think Giuliani is going to be the next President. Pretty much every commentator I've been reading has concluded Giuliani is history before he starts such has been the ineptitude of his campaign so far. Latest polls even have him behind in his home state of NY.

And it's difficult not to concur that the Dems are a certainty for the Presidency whether it be Hillary or Obama.

With the US heading into recession and economic worries dominating over national security I can't see it being anything other than a landslide.

dad4justice said...

I think Monica Lewinsky best describes Billary's chances of being first feminazi US president ;
"He talks about it as though I had laid it all out there for the taking.I was the buffet and he just couldn't resist the dessert.That's not how it was."-

God help America if that bitch gets in .

Aaron Bhatnagar said...

I remember Matt McCarten publishing in his column in January 2007 (or thereabouts) that John Banks would never beat Dick Hubbard.

In fact, Banks won by the biggest swing in Auckland's Mayoral election history (bigger even than Sir Dove-Myer's thrashing of Dr Mcelroy in 1968). (NB; I had a role in proving Mr McCarten wrong here!)

McCarten's own history as a campaigner/campaign manager is somewhat mixed. His often brilliant organisational work for Unite and the early days of the Alliance (Sandra Lee defeating Prebble in 1993) needs to be contrasted with some of his more recent political efforts; Alliance overall campaign in 2002, that stupid chicken costume stunt in 1996 or 1999, plus his role in the abysmal Willie Jackson tilt for Manukau City Mayor just last year.

He's too blinkered to give accurate predictions. But even if he runs a bad campaign, they're certainly amusing to watch because he has bucketloads of moxie and personal charisma himself.

pdm said...

When I first saw the names of those going for President from both sides Giuliani `stood out like dogs balls' as clearly the best candidate.

I am not too `au fait' with the American election process but I cannot understand the game he is playing. It is almost as though he doesen't want the job.

Sean said...

Have to agree with Ackers, it's going to be a monumental effort from Giuliani to get the GOP nomination let alone the office of the President.

While most political commentators are all predicting a Democrat as President, elections have a tendency to even the field. I wouldn't write off the Republicans just yet. Even the nominations have seen fortunes change quickly for the candidates.

reid said...

As I said before Christmas on Kiwiblog, McCain will be President, Huckabee will be Vice. Obama will win the Dem nomination.

The media will gradually raise the dirt on McCain during the nomination process, giving McCain a chance to deal with it before the Presidential campaign starts.

The media however will stay silent on Obama during nominations, but will then raise the dirt on him during the Presidential campaign.

Danyl said...

For my money, Guiliani will be the next President.

Priceless. You know he's currently struggling to place fifth for the GOP nomination and the polls have him getting wiped out by not only Clinton and Obama, but Edwards, who didn't even carry his own state back in 04.

So here's my question Adolf - after confidently predicting a Don Brash landslide in 2005, a bloodbath for the US Democrats in the 2006 midterm, the annihilation of Rudd and Labour in last years Aussie elections not to mention the triumphant withdrawal of US troops from Iraq back in 2004, do you ever doubt your own powers of prescience?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

danyl, 2004???? Come now, I don't think the blog had even started then.

Don't get too excited. Neither children nor fools should see something unfinished and the US election campaign has not yet even started.

Anonymous said...

Adolf, I don't think picking Guilani was your smartest post, and I am a fan of yours!

There will be a Rep Prez; the Seppos will not elect a woman or a black man, as tragic as that may be for all its prejudices.

Captain Crab said...

McCain is my bet for Pres. Whenever things get tough in the economy people go verry conservative, no matter how much the idealism of electing Obama may attract.
Off topic , whats with this trend for woman to want Clark and men Key.(NZH article on Northcote) Does it mean women dont follow politics?

danyl said...

For my money, Guiliani will be the next President.

Heh heh - my new nickname for Adolf is 'Ardnassac'.

dad4justice said...

Shut your mouth you weirdo geek.
Your new name should be Danyl Dung the stale tax payer funded liarbour dunk biscuit.
What a wacko stupid slapper you are DD.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Steady on Dad! Giulani is my hero but he sure buggered it up.

ruth said...

Giuliani's schtick was all smoke and mirrors Adolf.

The man put himself over as the mayor to all America - Rudy the shiny-domed saviour. He became a parody of himself - a self-aggrandizing, fear-mongering oaf.

One of the greatest belly-flops in US political history.

He reminds me a bit of Helen Clark, actually.