Monday, January 28, 2008

Freddie Starr Ate My Beaver : Not!

A few weeks back, our good friend Barnsley Bill lamented that iconic 80s British TV newsreader Selina Scott was 58.
It's often amazing how people's lives turn out differently to earlier preconceptions.
Now, the tasty Scots-born newsreader breeds goats at a farm in North Yorkshire!
However, Selina this month made it to a reunion of BBC Breakfast tv presenters to celebrate 25 years of their show.
There was no sign however, of former co-star Frank Bough, who was sacked following tabloid revelations of his cocaine wife swapping parties! No sign of that either when Frank appeared with faithful wife Nesta in various BBC tv holiday programmes.
Which brings me onto comedian Freddie Starr.
Tonight he apears in an edition of Celebrity Wife Swap and for a week or so, he had to shack up with another iconic 80s figure.
Not Selina Scott, but former page 3 model, Samantha Fox.
There was barely a lad growing up in 80s Britain, myself included, who didn't enjoy the sight of Sam's ample charms on show in their morning paper. They were the most famous breasts in Britain and Sam insured them for £250,000.
However, as life as its unusual twists, despite being such a symbol of straight sexuality, sexy Sam is now a 41-year-old lesbian and lives with a woman eight years her senior.
Now, the Sun once ran the infamous front page headline "Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster."
Well, with Sam batting for the other team , 'Freddie Starr ate my Beaver' will not be running in any tabloids. But while he wanted to try it on with the former topless star, it seems the show has wrecked his marriage after all.
Finally , to jog a few more memories for Barnsley Bill and any other of our readers who came from Britain, Sam's topless colleague Linda Lusardi is now a regular on Emmerdale.
And the Mail on Sunday today ran a piece on Sally Thomsett , who appeared way back in Man About The House. Co-Star Richard O'Sullivan, says the story, now lives in ' a retiredment home for former entertainers.' What an interesting place that must be :)

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Barnsley Bill said...

Ahh, Linda Lusardi. Hallowed be her name.
Far superior to the hobbit with enormous dugs.
The pic of sally thomsett in the MoS was a bit of a shock. 42 coming up in a week or so for me and I am really feeeling it. Tuscan Tony is having a similar conversation about aging totty at the moment.