Wednesday, January 30, 2008

F*ck with the boys in blue at your peril

Normally I'd shower contempt on someone speculating about cases that haven't gone to court, but what the hell - nobody's perfect.

For the lawyers out there, this is a strictly hypothetical situation:

Some geezer foolishly clips his kid round the earhole on a public street, having forgotten for a moment the kind of country he's living in now.

Local busybodies call the cops. 6 of them turn up, assess the situation, decide there's nothing worth prosecuting and give the ear-clipper a warning.

All's well that ends without your arse in a cell. But not for long - rather than counting his blessings, the ear-bashing dad promptly blabs all to journo scum. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Suddenly it's in all the papes, mouthy git bloggers are pronouncing on it all over the internet and the Police are subjected to the unthinkable: embarrassment.

Foolish ear-punishing dad. Within a short time, a senior copper has "reviewed" the evidence and finds that, ah, it seems Mr Doesn't-Know-What-A-Warning-Means should have been charged after all. Just an unfortunate oversight - should have had his collar felt at the time, how could they have overlooked all this incriminating evidence?

Let me tell you folks: if you fancy continuing to reside at the same address as your kids, figure out what the filth are telling you when they give you a warning. Could save you a great deal of grief.


Seán said...

Nice parody Psycho. Ahhh, good ol human nature (re the backlash after the media picked up on it). I don't think they thought it through very well. There is a good chance the matter will only get worse for the proponents of the anti-smacking bill. They should have let it lie with the warning.

dad4justice said...

"mouthy git bloggers "
You really do annoy me psycho .
I know Jimmy Mason well and I can assure you the corrupt Canterbury Police,who are Lairbour shrill puppets are going to regret this enforcement of the feminazi agenda .
Our police force is a sick joke !

Clunking Fist said...

Umm, who pays their wages? Yes, me too: I thought WE did. But, no, they answer to an intermediary. I'd hate to think that they recieved a bit of pressure from the politicos!

Psycho Milt said...

Dad4Justice - I don't exempt myself from "mouthy git bloggers," do I? I had plenty to say about it on Kiwiblog.

Unfortunately, I very much doubt the Police in the strictly hypothetical situation described above would end up with any cause whatsoever to regret punishing the bloke for ignoring his warning.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the senior officer who decided to pursue the prosecution is using this case as an example so "the smacking law" can be examined as to its practicality?
I guess we will have to wait for the facts to emerge and the witnesses statements to be read. Was it a "clip" on the ear or a smite to the head?

Anonymous said...

That was a very good point well made Psycho. Well written too... made me smile :-)

(I still think you're a pinko commie git lowlife scum parasite terrorist murderer blaspheming wanker - hahahaha!)

Psycho Milt said...

(I still think you're a pinko commie git lowlife scum parasite terrorist murderer blaspheming wanker - hahahaha!)

Of course! The niceties must be observed...

Anonymous said...

I bet it the decision to charge was made after a call from the 9th floor.

KG said...

Mark, the worrying thing these days is that we can never be sure what's pure policing and what's politically-motivated strongarm tactics.
The number of times it's been found to be "not in the public interest" to prosecute Labour figures has done a lot to undermine confidence in an impartial police service.

dad4justice said...

Mark my words, the decision to charge Jimmy Mason came from 9th floor and no judge in the land would be silly enough to convict. Maybe Judge Lowell, oh that's right she was sacked.

The inside word is that the judiciary are going to turn on the incumBENT government.

Sit back and watch the sparks fly and everybody is excited about future litigation. All except psycho mitty that is.