Saturday, January 26, 2008

Electile Dysfunction

This morning's Herald Digipoll has National's lead over Labour reducing by 3.8%.

Yesterday's Roy Morgan poll has National's lead increasing by over 5% as the Labour Party suffers from that most dreaded political condition - Electile Dysfunction, otherwise known as Sagging Support Syndrome. There is no medication available. This condition is beyond even Viagra and Niagra.
So, which poll is wrong? One of them sure as hell is and for my money I reckon it's the Herald. They've been wrong before (Epsom) and they don't tell us how many people were sampled. Roy Morgan is more upfront and 1,588 people were sampled.

Anyway, I like the Roy Morgan result so the other bastard must be the rogue.

Update: So far (0800) Adolf can find no reference to the Roy Morgan poll in any of the Antique Media.

Update: (0955)A commenter at Farrar's place identifies the DigiPoll sample as 600. Need I say more?


pdm said...


Aren't polls supposed to be about trends and the Herald Poll is well out of kilter with polls over recent months.

sittingbull said...

I wouldn't under estimate the publicity Helen got from the passing of sir ED.

Dave said...

I have done a wee analysis of both polls. The Herald Poll indicates that National needs the Maori Party to govern and the Roy Morgan poll indicates that National can govern without the Maori party. The problem with both polls is it doesnt indicate the true suport of the Maori party due to its likely overhang. Ive taken the likely overhang into account.

Suffice to say, the number of third party MPs will plummet, particularly if NZ First doesnt get in.

dad4justice said...

Looking at Bradford in that photo I understand why someone played leapfrog from the building up North .
Metaphorically speaking -of course .

What a frightening photo of two mad demented, psychotic and smelly looking huckster witches !!

Anonymous said...

"Sagging Support Syndrome" means burn the bra dykocracy? Why else are they so freaking ugly?


Overall, the trend is still with National despite Dear Leader milking Sir Ed for all he is worth.
there's only so many national treasures that can die now.
Anyway, I am sure the going will get tougher for Liarbour and the Greens.
I cannot see the public havin an appetite for higher fuel prices as part of some carbon trading scheme.
People might want to protect the kiwi and not see the countryside copncentreted over, but when times are tough, they will look back to their back pocket.
New Zealand has just had seven or so good years in which living standards barely changed.
If we are about to enter tough times and living standards fall back, the waste, profilgacy and incomeptence of Liarbour will be revealed bare for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Labour support not changed in nine yrs; Clark as preferred PM at a record high. And you guys think it's over?

Get real. Wake up and smell the coffee. This ain't over, and I want a National led government.

Sean said...

Yes Anonymous, that is a good point and the recent Herald poll only highlighted the importance of the Maori Party. Actually having Winston's Wallies out of parliament didn't help the Nats much in the numbers game.

In saying that assuming National get the biggest vote they will at least have the mandate to try and form a govt in the first instance. They better work hard on their relationship with the Maori Party in the lead up to election day 2008.