Friday, January 25, 2008

Did Trotter Preview The Roy Morgan Poll?

The commentariat is agog as Chris trotters latest opiniom piece in which he endorses Filk Off as the Labour leader most likely to lead the current band of gangsters to another victory.

Today's Roy Morgan poll tells Adolf that Trotter's analysis might be very accurate.

Apparently the latest Roy Morgan poll taken during January 2008 has national out to 52% of the party vote and Labour declining.


Barnsley Bill said...

do you have a link for that poll?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No, I'm buggered if I can find my way back to it!

KG said...

There ya go Adolf:

Barnsley Bill said...

Barnsley Bill said...

Direct quote from the poll site;

The latest New Zealand Morgan Poll shows continued weak support for the Labour Government.

“With an election due later in the year, the increasing support for the Opposition National Party, now at 52% - its highest level since the 2005 election - should be a huge concern for members of the Labour Government.

“With the Reserve Bank of New Zealand leaving interest rates unchanged at a record 8.25% on Thursday, and predictions of increasing inflationary pressures heading through 2008 putting upward pressure on interest rates, Helen Clark could become a political victim of the global economic uncertainty ‘washing up’ on New Zealand’s shores.”

Big gap, we are now in the year of the rat. perhaps renaming it year of the lolly might be more apt for us.


With other countries, well the US at least, slashing interest rates to avoid recession, I feel NZ could well be in for one hell of a hard landing.
8.25% will certainly bite in a world where 4-5 % seems the norm.
But is the Kiwi economy strong enough to take such medicine.
And what will the impact be on our living standards.
They have barely changed despite the so-called good times of the past few years.