Friday, January 18, 2008

Denial is surely the best form of defence?

Well, that seems to be the attitude of the UK government.
It is dropping the phrase 'the war on terror' believing that this glamourises the battle against Islamism, not that Mr Bean's government would ever dare use words like 'Islamic' or 'Muslim' in relation to terror.
Dropping the Muslim link was one of the first things the Brownies did when Gordon made it to Number 10.
Surely, it is time we called a spade a spade to help us all recognise the reality out there.
That many people of the Islamic faith are out to destroy the West and kill non-muslims, particulalrly Jews and Christians.
True, these muslims maybe a minority. But just as it was right to see a link between people of Irish extraction and the Irish Republican Army several decades ago, it is right today to see a link between terror and the muslim faith.
Not all muslims are terrorists but many/most terrorists seem to be muslim.
Mr Bean and his Brownies seem to be burying their heads in ther sand, hoping the problem will go away, rather than tackling it.

Hat Tip to Crusader Rabbit for finding the government's new term - as reported in the Daily Mail- "anti-Islamic activity.' Makes you wonder when there are so many Islamic people committing such activities and chanting 'Allah akhbar' when they do it. George Orwell would be proud of UK Liarbour.


Seán said...

It would be beneficial if you can define "link" a bit better. There are probably several hundred thousand people of Irish extraction in NZ (even prior to Good Friday Agreement), but it would be pure paranoia to paint them with the same brush as you do for all Muslims here.

Rather than merely establishing a link and then attacking the other end, it would be better to get to the core issues. This was pretty clear in the Northern Ireland situation (though took a while but significant progress has been made in last 10 years), but I have to admit it is not very clear with the Islamism situation. Plenty of theories, but no-one seems to have put their finger on it. Maybe its combination of issues. Not sure.


You are right Sean. I was seeking an anology to the issue.
There will have been fewer Irish sympathetic to the IRA in Ireland (north and South) than there are Ismamist sympathisers within the muslim community.
The Dail Mail came up with a better anaology when it likened the UK government coming up with 'anti-German' to describe the Nazism of the 1930s.
Goebbels would have been proud, the paper quipped.