Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear Leader silences dissent

The Electoral Finance Bill claims its first victim.
Helen Clark has stamped her jackboot on a 21-year-old lad.
Andy Moore of the Don'tVoteLabour website has been forcedto shut down because he refuses to put his home address on the website.
Andy does not want to put his family at risk, and who can blame him.
Trevor Loudon has recently shown how he had been threatened because of his comments at New Zeal.
One of the classic comments from the dodgy days of Tammany Hall politics in the USA, or in 1980s 'Militant' Labour in Liverpool, England was : "We know where you live!"
Andy is not hiding from his own accountability.
Today, he lists his cellphone number and email details.
Let us hope a way round the EFB can be found.
What about ?
Oooh! Seems up and running already, so let's see it come to life with regular postings.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Aurora at the Midnight Sun reports UK blogger Lionheart feels his life is in danger .


Inventory2 said...

This is an absolute outrage - I've also just posted on it

I'm calling on all bloggers who carry the Don't Vote Labour banner to move it to the most prominent place on their page as a gesture of solidarity with Andy, and to ensure that the Don't Vote Labour message is seen as widely as possible. Surely the Electoral Commission can't do anything about banners on blogs. Meanwhile, the EC might eventually get around to investigating Lee Clark's complaint against Labour and The Average.

Sean said...

Oh Lionheart - you reap what you sow.

Based on the Midnight Sun's assessment of unfortunate events that may befall Lionheart, it looks like the charge of 'inciting hate' takes on a whole new meaning.

Quite frankly, looks like he's got more balls than brains.

Anyway let's hope it is all a bit of an over-reaction. Don't wish any harm on the fella despite his lack of foresight. Also, not a good look for blogosphere if someone does gets hurt.


And both make me sound like a pinko commie wet liberal!!!
eh Sean?

But it is serious stuff affecting Lionheart.

As for NZ, I am sure the silencing of young Andy will renew the anti-EFB campaign with vigour.

Whale Oil notes an aim of the EFB is to stop big money from buying elections- just as Liarbour did in 2005 with taxpayer's money.
But Andy moore is just a lad who has spent a few dollars on his own website, with a little help from Whale Oil, it seems.
Thus the little man has been stood on by Big Sister.
How long will NZ stand for it?

Inventory2 said...

My sentiments exactly Fairfacts - I just posted this over at the Standard

"Cheers Tane, but wouldn’t you agree that it’s not a good look when the government, via the Electoral Commission is seen to be beating up on a 20 year old who happens to disgree with the government? To me, it is totally contrary to the government’s protestations during the EFB debate that they were trying to limit the influence of “big money” and to “stop people like John Key and the EB rorting elections” - unless you are putting Andy Moore in the same league as John Key - both in terms of influence and wealth!"


And we mustn't forget the government's own campaigns.
Today's Press reports controversry over government ads promoting the joys of working for the puiblic sector.
While Liarbour hopes the ads will somehow push a message that extra government job were needed and were not wasteful, I wonder if this campagin might backfire on the government.
Either way, it shows how government is free to spend taxpayer dollars to push their messages, while a lad at home is forbidden to spread his at hiw own expense.

dad4justice said...

This is appalling and I am livid with that mental Klark bitch !!

Sean -you reap what you sow - yawn - yawn - yes we certainly did when Klarkula sized power .Good on ya matey !! What a cowardly comment you silly person .I would shut your stupid cake hole before you make more of a fool of yourself !

I know Andy and his family well enough to say they're good decent mainstream kiwi's and they have been the victim of certain threats .Klark's regime looks set to crank up the anti ?Nasty Bitch !!

Sean said...

Thanks for that d4j. What a lovely person you must be. Interesting that you say Andy is a "good decent mainstream kiwi'" - do you classify yourself as one?

Oh and in case you hadn't noticed, I was referring to FFM's update, not the post proper, which I fully sympathise with. What was is that you said to me: "I would shut your stupid cake hole before you make more of a fool of yourself !"

OUCH! What a backfire :-)

dad4justice said...

Backfire Sean ?
You should wait until you know the real story about things, as serious personal safety issues are at stake here .

Andy has a set of balls and many brains - ask the University .

Sean said...

Oh dear, feels like one of those Baldrick/Blackadder conversations...

dad4justice said...

Don't you mean Captain Darling and the Adder . Talk about turnip brain plonkers - Baldric ...gezz what a whiz kid ...?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

FFM, do you mean to say that even the drones who normally would be employed by the Public Service to rubber stamp forms seven times, drink lukewarm tea and trade on the internet have all gone to Australia?

Mark said...

Lionheart should apply for politcal asylum in the US.

This would hightlight the issue of what is happening in the UK.