Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crises By The Hour

Shocked, she is. Yes the Minister is SHOCKED.

Shocked by the appalling number of votes Labour will lose as a result of yet another example of all their high sounding talk with no action to go with it.

Yes folks, after eight years of Labour, if a crim shoots and kills your husband you get a nineteen grand bill for hubby's inquest, while the crim gets FORTY GRAND'S worth of surgery paid for by the Labour Gummint.

That's got to be worth at least one percentage point for National's party vote.


Cactus Kate said...

Almost unbelievable.

Emphasis on the Almost

Anonymous said...

What I found even more unbelievable was the following "Legal Services Agency manager of legal aid grants Robyn Nicholas told the Dominion Post the $19,000 figure was a theoretical maximum and the true amount would likely be less."

These people are not fit to manage a game of snap. The point is not how much, dillbrain, the point is that it has been asked for. And then to try and make it less of a horror by stating that you asked for the theoretical minimum. Wow. Not just incompetent , but stupid as well.

And now the onus is on the victim to request for the "debt" to be wiped? Give me a break.

The best tho comes from King herself

"Ms King said a Select Commitee recently presented the Government with a report on victim's rights.

"The Government is required to respond within three months. Work is already underway to address the recommendations within the report, and this includes work on legal aid for victims of crime.

"I am determined that 2008 will be the year in which victim's rights are properly addressed."

In other words "Ah fuck these people, who cares, but we better do something to make us look better."

Annette King you are a disgrace.


Anonymous said...

That should have read "theoretical maximum"

Skyman said...

Sorry for my ignorance of Kiwi law/government/whatever but is it normal for the cost of the trial, investigation, etc. to be passed to the victim?

dad4justice said...

You can expect the worse now with our justice system, as the big fat boss has her horrible head under the hairdressers drier 10 hours a day, while she thumbs her way through a couple hundred pinkie women magazines, while her class A daughters takes the judges car for a spin, and crashes into a keystone cop talking too a lamppost on the highway.
Meanwhile little Rangi kills his teacher and Helen goes rock climbing. Go figure. New Zealand is cot case study in corruption and madness!!

dad4justice said...

And what the f##k's the idea with that rubbish tin that follows my comments ? If you don't want me here just say so and I'll f##k off.

I am a very busy person and I don't hang where I'm not welcome !

Psycho Milt said...

D4J: the rubbish tin's so you can delete your comment if you realise you bollocksed it up - it's not the blog owners' personal assessment of the likely worth of your comment.

Skyman: the inquest is to investigate the cause of death - fairly straightforward in this case, as you can imagine. The deceased's partner had legal representation at the inquest, paid for through legal aid.

Now, the govt's taken a lot of flak from right-wingers the last few years over welfare bludgers getting legal aid, so they've tightened it up considerably. Of course, these knee-jerk political reactions tend to have unforeseen consequences, like the mother who's now on welfare because her husband was murdered being eligible to pay back the costs of her legal representation, unless she applies for a waiver. It's a nice "Heads we win, tails you lose" opportunity for the govt's right-wing opponents, but little else.

dad4justice said...

Thank you milt for clearing that up for me and did you know that you cannot get legal aid ( even if you meet the stringent criteria ) to appeal crown decision cases - ?

Strange and out of step with natural justice .