Friday, January 25, 2008

The Clean Out Starts

State Services Commissioner Mark Prebble has removed himself from the fray. Just in time to avoid having to face up to a new ministerial line up after November. For my money, this fellow has been one of the most shameful examples of weak and easily manipulated executives we have seen in the top echelons of government for a very long time.

For his own comfort, one hopes he will find somewhere where there are no breasts, inner thighs or long dangly ear rings.

This is the best news the Gnats could have wished for. Clearly, the public service thinks National will be in the chair after November.


Barnsley Bill said...

I wonder what juicy high paid job they had to give him to fuck off quietly?

Kiwi Trader said...

Good Riddance!
The rats are departing....

Seán said...

I tend to agree with your theory Adolf. Especially with this pathetic attempt to explain his departure form a $400K job:

"In this job, I believe it is more important to serve well than it is to serve my time.

"Accordingly, I have decided to move aside to allow the next commissioner to bring fresh ideas and fresh energy to the job."

KG said...

Dead right, BB--once these leeches reach a certain level, they're members of The Club for life.
He'll simply move on to another useless, highly paid taxpayer tit.

Anonymous said...

Two quotes..

"My work here is done"

"Mischief, thou art afoot etc".

The other thought that occurs to me is that these extra "communicators" that the Govt has hired are less attack dogs than they are defenders of the Govt incumbency.


Anonymous said...

I must say Im surprised that DPF and others are singing Prebbles praises. IMHO he was just another cardy wearer sucking up to the pollies.

A real Secretary in either government or business stands up and speaks out They should be the conscience of their organisation and if those governing are any bloody good they will recognise and appreciate the role for what it truly is Sadly in NZ we have a very very immature standard of governance at all levels and across all organisations.


dad4justice said...

Burn all the deadwood parasitic government leaches, who are devoid of moral consciences and I hope this slime ball is the first of many truckloads to go into the offal pit. The Helengrad lap poodle dogs make me chunder !

In this bureaucratic inertia created by liarbour, the sisterhood and eunuch's have mastered bullshit as they push and maintain people in unfit positions .Klark has created a hierarchically structured administration where people have been promoted up to their level of incompetence !

Psycho Milt said...

For his own comfort, one hopes he will find somewhere where there are no breasts, inner thighs or long dangly ear rings.

Well said. Such an admirable workplace should be reserved for those of us who appreciate such things.