Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Britain's Muslim menace : Part 93

You can barely open the British papers without some stories concerning the country's muslim problem, even if such tales are often couched in the most PC terms.
Today's stories include a muslim shop assistant at Marks & Spencer refusing to handle a Bible that a customer wanted to buy, and then we have Princess Diana's mother calling the Queen of Hearts a 'whore' for cavorting with Muslims.
However, more serious stories are lurking.
First the Family Security Matters blog, has rounded up various court reports from London for a thorough essay on the Muslim gang problem in London, where people are forced to convert or be killed.
Part 1 is here, part 2 is here and Part 3, I guess will be published tomorrow.
And as if this wasn't enough, Al Queda has some 1500 white recruits in Britain, brought about by conversions, many in prison.
You might think I'm a little obsessed with Islamism at the moment, maybe I am but there's plenty of material to worry about in the papers everyday - and that's before you see what the blogs say.

UPDATE 2: Britney Spears to convert to Islam to marry UK snapper boyfriend. That should reduce the religion's credibility.


KG said...

""An average of some 400,000 Pakistani Brits a year fly back to the old country for vacation or to visit their relatives. From the airports in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, where they land, side trips to the madrassas — Koranic schools — where they were originally radicalized, or to a terrorist training camp in the tribal areas that straddle the Pakistani-Afghan border, go undetected.
There is no way to keep track of thousands of passengers arriving from the United Kingdom every day. Nor can MI5 cope with up to 1,000 a day returning to their U.K. homes from trips to Pakistan."

Nothing to worry about here, nossir...

flashgordonnz said...

Hmmm, I worked with a few Muslims in London. One was quite devout (but his football seemd to come first LOL). And of course I travelled and shopped with many. But none of them ever killed me. I think there is a bit of hysteria in the UK about this. Okay, so all the radicals make the news, but that's the same for all the closet-gay, money stealing bible-bashers in the US. ASSUMING the security forces are keeping tabs on the real baddies, maybe we should just relax a bit. After all, we are ignoring global warming as an offical fear and soon the wave will be creasted and we'll laugh at it all. In the UK they'd be better advised worrying about the EU cuntstitution that the Lunking Fist recently signed.

flashgordonnz said...

ps distracting the populace with "the muslim menach" may be the plan, whilst the political elite push through all the european integration.

flashgordonnz said...

pps that's "Clunking Fist" not Lunking.

He's a dirty snot-goblin that poses a bigger danger to English life than immigrants

Seán said...

Well said flashgordonnz. A more balanced, sensible approach is needed, not all this hysteria.