Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Black police chief blames immigrants for rise in crime

One of the joys of the UK media is its diversity, which means all sides are covered.

The industry's competitive nature means nothing is ignored to suit whatever agenda.

And maybe there is no agenda because even if a story does not fit the agenda or prejudices of a paper, papers will run with it because they are too frightened of being left behind.

Yesterday, the Sunday Times broke the story about the head of Kent Police writing to the Home Secretary (you know, the one too afraid to walk in London at night) saying that his force could not cope with the vast influx of immigrants into his county and this was fuelling a rise in violent crime.

Of course, a story like this was manna from heaven for the Daily Express, who led on it today.

What makes it even more delightful is how a few leftist beliefs are found wanting.

Remember when I reported some weeks back how muslims in Bradford were upset that Polish immigrants were 'taking their jobs,' and the followers of 'the Religion of Peace' were violently attacking the East Europeans.

Well, here comes today's irony.

It's not just that the police chiefs nowadays are so pussy whipped and politically correct, to suit the New Labour agenda; it is that the chief of police in Kent making these comments is Britain's first black chief constable. So, a generation or two back, his forebears might well have been immigrants themselves, adding to the strains facing police forces some decades ago!

But congratulations to the chief constable and his family for him making such great progress and a useful contribution to Britain.

You see, there is some good that can come from immigration- and I am an immigrant to New Zealand myself- the issue is all about the quality and quantity of those coming in.

In Britain, New Liarbour has let in too many while the quality is not good enough.

UPDATE: In the meantime. High taxes and crime force native Britons to flee. Are you listening Mr Cullen?

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Seamonkey Madness said...

Choice quotes include:

"A word of warning! Do not come to New Zealand if you are looking for lower levels of crime. We made that mistake. Random violence and thievery and graffiti and intimidation are everywhere here. Be aware. Ten murders already, this year! Slack police - and laws - let people do what they want, it seems. It is not the safe, welcoming place they advertise it as. That New Zealand is long gone. After only one year, we are moving on to Australia. Just to let you know, if you are considering it.

- Edward Sims, New Plymouth"

But on the flip side:

"Left the UK last year for NZ. Live in the centre of North Island, fabulous scenery nice people my son at a good school, loads of friends. Still can't get used to 25c in January though but not compaining! Come back to grey UK? Why?

- Bruce, New Zealand"

Someone else has seen the light:

"Edward Sims, New Plymouth. New Zealand has a government of lily-livered liberals as well.

- Jeff, Norfolk"

She obviously doesn't read the papers:

"Violent crime is on the rise in Australia but declining in New Zealand. Anyone thinking of NZ don't be put off, it's beautiful and a fantastic place to bring up kids. All my UK friends say that the UK is going downhill fast and to never come back!

- Claire, Palmerston North, New Zealand"