Thursday, January 17, 2008

Apoplectic Blubbering

Adolf nearly fell out of bed listening to Radio Left Wing news at 2200 on Tuesday night. The lead story was all about those bloody bastards of Japanese in Antarctic detaining two brave heroes of the the Green Republic who were innocently seeking to make a few debating points with the seamen who crew the Japanese whaling fleet.

Our state owned radio station then gave airtime to the Pirate King who labeled the Japanese as 'terrorists.' I couldn't believe my ears. The mind set of these nauseating criminals and their idiot leftist help maidens at RLW has it that the terrorists are the people going about their lawful business and the victims are the drongos who illegally boarded their ship with the intent of doing serious damage to property and grievous bodily harm to crew members.

Last night, I'm told the anorexic and self opinionated shrew Susan Wood on NewstalkZB was apoplectic in her denunciation and interruption of the spokesman for the whaling fleet.

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If I was the skipper of the ship which had been boarded in international waters by these pirates, I would lock the pricks in the brig and force feed them with nothing but boiled whale blubber for a fortnight after which I would tie the bastards along with Susan Wood to a non explosive harpoon and fire it into the nearest hump back just before it dives to 500 fathoms.

I think I'll apply for the job.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why the Japs don't just throw them back where they came from - overboard. Too bad if the boat they jumped off isn't there.

Anonymous said...

The Japs should take them back to Japan to face prosecution. It is a jailable offense over there.

KG said...

I'll apply for the job as your assistant, Adolf.
Will work for beer.

Rick said...

Well said, good blogging