Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The 95 Barrier

This morning Adolf hit 95. Ninetyfive kilos, that is.

In May 2007 Adolf's long suffering physician warned him - '..if you don't lose some weight and get these blood sugars down I'll have to put you on medication for diabetes...' Adolf's somewhat unchristian reply was ' can stick your pills up your arse, I'll lose some weight!" (Adolf can speak plainly to his physician.)

And so the battle began, from a start point of 105kg. The criteria were simple. Adolf likes a good sip fairly frequently and eats, well, like a horse. Therefore there had to be no infringement on the Adolphian dietary and alcoholic habits. Here we can see the wisdom and cleverness of the dietary advisers at North Shore hospital.

Some years earlier Adolf had been forced to go for an interview and found, to his surprise, that the lady dietitian was a girl on whose chair in class Adolf has placed a drawing pin during the fourth form.

"Yoooouuu?" She cried! 'I've been waiting forty years for this moment!' It took me a moment to realize this was not an invitation for illicit sex. After she reminded me of the flaws in my character, she gave him some of the best advice ever. "Eat as much as you like from the list of 'good foods' and cut back a bit on the list of 'bad foods." What is so clever about that is that one is not pressured to 'cut out' eating the things one really likes. (DPF, please note correct usage of 'one.)

The long and short of it is, after eight months of daily walking, (now 7km in 70 minutes carrying 4.5kg weight) this morning I cracked the scales at 95kg. Amazingly, they have been hovering at 96kg, back up to 97 over Christmas, for at least six weeks and then suddenly bingo.

Oh well, now for the real target which is 90 kg.

I wonder if I'll get there before the New York Times hits $10.00?

BTW, six weeks ago blood sugars, blood pressure and cholesterol were all waaaaaaay down.


KG said...

But some of us are struggling to get our weight UP to 70 kilos...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

I know what you are trying to achieve - I am almost in the exact same weight and health categories except I got put on the diabetic medication about 3 years ago.

Because my weight wasn't going anywhere fast - down from 105kg to 99kg over a couple of years I joined a gym at the beginning of October 07.

Went to the Doc early December for regular check up to find weight up 5kg to 104kg - bugger it. Bp down and diabetes reading on the high side of acceptable.

Cholesterol has never been an issue.

Next step is to review gym programme to focus on weight reduction in next few days - like you target is 90kg - the question also is when.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if I'll get there before the New York Times hits $10.00?"

And before Gold reaches $2,000 per ounce.

Anonymous said...

Ageing's a bitch when you realise you can't maintain drinking and eating habits unless you've been a seriously boring person or wish to become one. I've just been disgnosed with excessive iron which means occasional medieval bleeding which I can cope with and a 50% reduction in my drinking which I'm seriously pissed off about. A stubbie just aint as satisfying as a long neck.

ZenTiger said...

Great work Adolf. Very inspiring. Looks like your adviser is 'sharp as a tack'.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ackers, that's very interesting. Generally speaking Australian soils are deficient in iron while NZ soils are the opposite. Maybe you should come over here and eat some dirt.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

pdm, I have always refused to give my money to a gym when I can do my own work out by walking. I've often wondered whether a gym simply packs on muscle weight rather than burning calories. Twenty years ago it was a short walk, 2 kg jog and 15 kg bike ride every morning until some half asleep prick knocked me off my bike. The trick with walking is to find a rout without any steep inclines. Strangely, when I get home after 70 minutes I find I'm still breathing though my nose, i.e. not puffing. You get to see the same people at the same spot every morning. The other day at 0550 there was a couple in their sixties out walking and HOLDING HANDS!

Anonymous said...

I think that's where the problem arose Adolf. All that Whangarei dirt I ate as a youngster.


Well done Adolf.
I've to get my weight down too.
Not so much doctor's orders.
Even worse, from she who must be obeyed- mother!
Smaller portions than I get at home.
And I'm often told to lay off the drink.
I should be a few kilos lighter when I get back.
Mum and dad are both around 70.
Dad had a heart attack a few years back but is fine now.
It's just a healthy regime here.
So I have to fit in.
Anyway, take care of yourself Adolf and it's good that your orders about eating the good stuff are quite genereous.

Anonymous said...

Man is designed to walk not sit on machines in a Gym. Having a young baby/toddler, I find pushing a pram around those Ponsonby Hills far better than any Gym stuff I used to do. Although having given up smoking three months ago I have balloned! My wifes happy though as it means I am keen to do lots more pushing(of every sort)

dad4justice said...

I have found that becoming a forced client of the Kangaroo court system is extremely beneficial for losing large amounts of weight ( not recommended for fathers) .

However, chain smoking becomes a real worry, but whatever, and best of British with your fatty problem dear Adolf .My cardiology specialist is a ciggy smoker .

It's a funny ol' world ain't it .

Anonymous said...

Walking worked a few years ago but as I got older and softer I found it easy to miss a few days which suddenly became a week which then became a month.

Because I pay the money I only miss the gym when laid low.

Hopefully the review will solve the fat to muscle problem and a weight loss trend will start.

Anonymous said...

My stable weight is 110 kg and the thing I found out about going to the gym regularly (3 times a week) is that it allows me to eat whatever I like in which I don't gain any extra kgs at all. I like eating fatty food, since I that is what I was brought up with in the island. This doesn't mean that I can't afford lean stake, it is that the taste of fatty food is built -in to me (all islanders). For us islanders we like to buy lamb flaps , briskets , etc, etc, and that type of meat from the butcher (people buy these for their dogs) and since they're fatty, it makes you feel full easily. When I cook lean steak, I cook a kg of meat for one meal but when I cook briskets or lamb flaps, I cook less than a kg of meat since it makes me feel full quicker.

I also drink a lot of alcohol about 2 doz a week (or even more , if it is a fun week), but these unhealthy eating and drinking, working out in the gym help to counter-balance any weight gain.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

This blogging is a very strange business. I never thought there would be more than two comments to this post. There you go, you just never can guess.

On th other hand, at times when I write something especially erudite, prescient, analytical and cutting, nobody takes a blind bit of notice.

dad4justice said...

As I said Adolf it's a funny ol' world .

The calm before the storm ?

Anonymous said...

Well Adolf heres another comment to add to your list Depressing but I am in the same category and age group as you and others who have posted, I bet most of us are on the same medication My doctor is same age as me has same problems as me takes same medication as me. At least he understands and doesnt lecture We both try and encourage each other to lose weight.

the good news he tells me is that medical scirnce has and will find ways to keep us in better shape than our Dads and grandads if they suffered from the same problems.

Foe me Im juist enjoying gorwing old disgracefully


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hell guys, I'm ENJOYING losing weight. It's all to do with one;'s frame of mind. That first hour or so, starting at anything between 0515 and 0545 is the best part of the day. I get to day dream a little, to think about the issues of the moment, to dream up blog posts, to think through the cases with which I'm dealing. No phones, no radio, no TV. Your mind can float around a little - even go wild. The last thing I would ever do is take a noise gadget with a cord stuck in my ear.

All it took, funnily enough was a silly little thing like the notion of more medication and my immediate subconscious reaction was 'not more fucking pills, thank you very much.'

Anonymous said...

A few years ago my GP strongly advised me to trim down from 85 kgs. I had a friend who lent me the Weight Watchers' books and over about a year I got myself down to 72 kgs. I felt fantastic.

That was a couple of years ago. Now I am back to 85 kgs! Bloody Hell.

Adolf.... what are the 'good' and 'bad' foods?

Ashley Clarkson said...

Good Work Adolf. Nice job.

I too have been losing weight - I started at the beginning of last year weighing in at 78kg (I should be about 67kg for my height and physiology) and knocked that down to around 71kg by the end of the year. Now down to about 70kg and heading for the final goal. In the past couple of months I've picked up running again, at the moment I'm out running about 4.5-4.75km every 2 days (in about 45 mins). I'll pick that distance up again soon and hope to get to running around the local inlet in the weekends, with about 7-8km other days.

Remarkably, I haven't had to make much of an alteration to my diet, although I'm drinking more water than I used to.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Dave my memory of it is the bad ones were red meat, spuds, pasta, white bread, bacon and eggs, carbohydrate, anything with fat in it and the good ones were fish, vegies, fruit, protein, whole grain bread..... If you ring up your local hospital the diabetes clinin there will give you a brochure which sets it all out.

For example, I love baked beans and fish (not together) so I stopped having bacon and eggs Sunday to Friday and instead have hot toast, vegemite instead of butter, cold baked beans on top with a bit of fried onion and about two square inches of bacon. Lots of cracked pepper. Bloody magic. Another variation is cold sliced tomato instead of the baked beans and onion. Another variation is toasted one side then slice banana on top and whack under the grill for a couple of minutes. LOts of cracked pepper. Bacon and eggs on Staurday morning.

Lunch is a cold fillet of smoked trevalley cut up on salad of lettuce, olives, pineapple chunks, some edam cheese and a couple of slices of bread. Lots of cracked pepper.

Dinner is whatever The Cook prepares which is pretty much standard good old Aussie farm tucker.

Booze? At least a bottle of red or white wine per day. It keeps the arteries clean, see?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you're getting good advice from the public health system Adolf.

flashgordonnz said...

I hit 95kgs a while back...on the way up. I was a spindly weed until I started going to the gym a few years back.
I did find this inspiring, so I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Steady now, Flash. Just remember, I started by walking just 300 metres out and back. Pushed it out by 100m per day until I got to 3,500m out and back. Didn't carry any extra weight until a number of Kg kad already been lost. Had huge problems initially with muscle pain and stiffness - sorted out thanks to Gooner (he runs marathons)

I don't want to be responsible for the premature deaths of half a dozen old crocks who read my erudite snd prescient musings on weight loss.

flashgordonnz said...

I hear you!

But I did some maths: forth form = 14 or 15, plus 40 years =54. As I'm only 39, I should be a little more concerned.

I did wake at 5.30 this morning...but the temptation of jumping into the blogosphere to see what the northern hemisphere has been up to whilst I slept, was too great.

Psycho Milt said...

I don't expect you to take my word over a hospital nutritionist Adolf, but I am an insulin-dependent diabetic so have plenty of experience at keeping blood sugar levels and triglycerides down.

Basically, the best thing you can do to get your weight down and keep it there is cut carbohydrates, including stuff like fruit, whole grain bread and starchy vegetables. Your blood sugar stays a lot closer to normal if you're having to convert protein to glucose (a very slow process compared to the almost instant hit you get from carbs). If your blood sugar spikes, so does your insulin production (as a non-diabetic) and that insulin will find you don't need all that blood sugar right now in your cells for immediate energy requirements, so it will do the other thing it does best - trigger fat storage.

I stopped visiting nutritionists when people started publishing hypoglaecemic indexes of various foods, and someone pointed out to me that the foods these trained nutritionists were advising me to eat were exactly the things fucking up my blood sugar. I switched the toast/fruit breakfast for bacon and eggs, followed similar approaches with other meals (including lots of red meat), and was able to cut my insulin requirements drastically. My blood pressure and triglycerides are also happier.

If I go back to a hospital nutritionist, they'll just quack on at me about fat and try to knacker my blood sugar with carbs again. Fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

If you were to swap that 70 minutes of walking for a leisurely 70 minute cycle once or twice a week, I bet you'd find your weight would fall pretty rapidly.

You gave up after getting knocked off all those years ago?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Funny you should say that, Flash. I was only this morning thinking that 'forty years ago' was a bit Clintonesque. It was actually 1962.

PM, maybe that's the programme which works for lefties? Trouble is, I like spuds and kumara and bread. I guess the reality is we've all got to have some fat and CHO in our diets, it's just a matter of balance and, like race horses, humans are all different so you can't just make blanket rules for everyone.

Anonymous said...

One of my colleagues is in roughly the same age-group and weight group as yourself and is losing weight because of health concerns. He's a professor of physiology so knows a thing or two about such matters. His strategy is:

Walk for at least an hour every day. Make sure you're walking reasonably fast, your pace should be that of someone who is late for a meeting. You want your heart rate up at abour 65% of maximum which is the optimal rate for burning fat (too much faster and your body will just start to metabolise carbohyrates). At 65% your breathing should be slightly laboured but you should be able to carry on a conversation.

Do cardiovascular exercise three times a week for at least 30 minutes. Get your heart rate up around 85%. This exercises your heart and lungs. He recommends aquajogging - the resistance of the water makes it a much more efficient way to exercise than normal running or cycling.

Do some weights/resistance training three times/week. Don't join a gym, just buy some 5kg handweights and do some pushups and sit-ups.

By building muscles you are not directly burning fat but you are raising your basal metabolic rate, which means your body will be burning fat on a permanent basis to maintain muscle growth.

The reason I know all of this in such graphic detail is because my workmate has lost around 35 kgs since teaching finished in November - he's practically melting, like those Nazi's at the end of Indiana Jones. His system seems to work amazingly well.

Anonymous said...

Danyl is right. It's not about burning fat, it's about building muscle.

Ask Rodney Hide. His trainer told him the same thing. it's in his book.


PS; Adolf, your MHR (maximum heart rate) is approximately 220 minus your age. You can work out 65% - 80% from there.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, I don't have any of those gadgets. All I can tell you is that after 70 minutes theres plenty of perspiration and no difficulty conversing. In fact I'm still breathing though my nose (not puffing) albeit vigorously.

I suspect I've about got to the point where things are 'in balance.' I.E. enough work to get a bit of weight off without doing any damage.

Anonymous said...

I have been crook for a couple of days - flue type virus - but hit the gym this morning. Programme
10m on Treadmill = 1k
5m on Rowing Machine
10m on bike
5m on cross trainer

Heart rate reached 146bpm for a short period on bike. I don't usually take it on the others.

This is the programme I have been on since Oct. and as I am still reasonably competitive I am always looking to improve speeds etc.

I think my weight increase was due as much to an increase in food intake due to the extra exercise and I am now cutting that back now that the festive season is over.

I too like roasts, fruit a few beers etc so don't want to be cutting those out. This time of the year is a bit easier as we have more salads but you do need home made mayonaisse.

Anonymous said...

Adolf, you don't need gadgets, you can simply take your rate on your wrist for 10 seconds and then x by 6. That's pretty accurate.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

pdm, a friend (retired SAS captain with MM) of mine once told me the body doesn't start to undergo any 'good' until you've been at it for twenty minutes. Maybe if you cranked your 30 minutes out to 50 or so you might see some changes? Just a thought. An animal physiology lecturer did tell us that one bout of sexual intercourse equated with running a mile - energy use, that is. Mind you, some of the plug uglies around the place in those days would cause you to run a mile.