Sunday, December 16, 2007

Where The Headline Bears No Resemblance To The Piece

It was an eye catching headline.

Huckabee Could Hand the GOP to Giuliani

Adolf kept on reading and reading and reading, hoping to find out how Huckabee's sudden rise in popularity could 'hand the GOP to Giuliani.' All was in vain because the opinion piece simply listed all the reasons why Huckabee has risen suddenly in the pre-primary polls.

As an aside, my eyebrows rose at the notion that at least half of America's republican voters are either 'evangelicals or born again' Christians. Does that mean that half of America's Democrat voters are gay/lesbian, drug addicted atheists?

So, dear readers, can someone put me right on this matter? How is Mr Huckabee handing the GOP nomination to my hero, Mayor Giuliani?


Danyl said...

How is Mr Huckabee handing the GOP nomination to my hero, Mayor Giuliani?

Conventional wisdom is that Huckabee scares the crap out of the non-evangelicals in the GOP, since his nomination would probably result in a gigantic landslide win for whoever the Democrats nominate. Support that is split between Guliani, Romney and McCain will probably coalesce around Guliani since he's out in front.

I think Guliani and Romney are both unelectable - I think they should push for McCain, but personally I hope they nominate Huckabee since I'd relish the GOPs subsequent electoral annihilation.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Thanks DIM. For the same reason I hope the Donks pick Hillary.

Redbaiter said...

Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo. Look at the abject mess that RINO Schwarznegger has made of California. I'm sick of these platitudinous fake Republicans. Guliani is just another fake in a lineup of fakes.

Anonymous said...

I think all it indicates at this stage, is that the evangelicals have decided to stick with mainstream and not floated a candidate like Lou Dobbs. That makes them players with the existing candidates.

The rise of Huckabee should surely impact negatively on Guiliani, and possibly help other candidates to impress with conservatives.

It's the negatives now that matter. Any candidate getting a jump will be exposed to more scrutiny, and Huckabee is getting some of that now, esp. over his foreign policy
knowledge and some of his liberal gubernatorial decisions.

I think all the candidates are still in play with upsides for Romney, Thompson, and McCain.

McCain has high negatives on immigration and electoral finance legislation (sound familiar?), but he's working on them and he's a known man and a hero who called the shots correctly on Iraq. I'll keep my eye on him as a spoiler for all other candidates.

The difficulty I see for the Repubs is they now can't be sure who will win the Democrat nomination and which of their men would best fit the general election.


Skyman said...

I think your estimate about the make-up of the Democrats is a little low.

Nigel Kearney said...

The following is just speculation but I think it's what the story is hinting at:

The race is between Guiliani, Romney and McCain. Huckabee cannot win but he can take votes away from Romney and McCain. He's unlikely to get many people to switch away from Giuliani because they are so different.