Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thieves Always Strike Twice

First they stole $800k and now they are pack again looking to steal $8 million or more likely $80 million.

It's a very old adage in the insurance business that burglars always come back for a second dig at the same house. You see, they wait for the insurers to pay out so that the victim can replace all the stolen goodies with new stuff and then they come back and pinch that as well. Of course it is worth much more than the original contraband.

Helen Clark and her band of Labour thieves are doing exactly the same thing to New Zealanders except that they are going through an extraordinary charade by legislating to make what is wrong legal.

One of the few defences we have available is to use their chicanery against them during the election campaign. To this end Adolf urges the operators of 'You Paid For It' to set up a rolling subtotal of illicit spending for all to see. Every item should be individually priced. Don't worry about absolute accuracy, just give it your best estimate. After all, that's all the people who published the "Iraq Body Count' ever did and the anti Bush leftists lapped it up as though it were gospel. Oh, and make sure to include government departmental promotion of 'sustainability' and 'working for families' and any other so called 'initiative.'

Currently we have listed the Labour website ($50k) and the forthcoming pledge card.($1.0 mil).

Just keep your eyes open for the parliamentary crest.

Thus we might be able to see the total enormity of the the con job perpetrated on us by this cancerous, corrosive and fascist gang of scoundrels.

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