Thursday, December 20, 2007

Then They Banned The Children

If you want to see the manner in which prosecutions will be pursued under the electoral Finance Act, look no further than Labour's on / off ban on people connected with the Fiji military.

In a politically inept new nadir of mean spirited stupidity, ten children from Fiji have been banned from attending a Scout Jamboree in Christchurch. Why? Apparently it seems their parents have some connection with the Fiji military. Oh well, they're only kids so it doesn't matter.

Funny thing is, the manager of the Fiji netball team whose husband and son both serve in the military was grantd a viza. A cabinet minister in the Bainimarama interimg government was granted a viza. But by hell, we'll show em who's boss around here. Their bloody kids can stay home.

Another Peters / Clark own goal.


dad4justice said...

What else would I expect from a childless Prime Minster who seems to have a sinister vendetta against children enjoying themselves , hence appalling child abuse statistics and her repeated failures in not acknowledging the importance of equal parenting so we as a society can produce balanced children .

How long is our Nation to be subjected to such a government guilty of large scale child abuse ?

gd said...

D4J Well as you and I both know she set out in the early 70s to ensure men would be demonised and isolated from the family unit and that the 'new' family unit would be either 2 lesbians and children or 2 gay guys and children,
Shes one very sick puppy and Crazy to boot.


KG said...

Children denied visas?
no worries, mate--the law of commonsense will kick in any time now...................
hmm..we have a malfunction, Wellington.